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  1. AzHuntingAddict

    Guns, Bow, and Misc for sale

    Thanks for the offer, this is a great group. We have a vehicle and are working on the down payment.
  2. AzHuntingAddict

    Guns, Bow, and Misc for sale

    Things did not work out, pics and descriptions added. Need to come up with down payment for family vehicle.
  3. AzHuntingAddict

    Guns, Bow, and Misc for sale

    I apologize, I need to put this sale on hold. I may have found a way to finance the vehicle repair without selling off the goods. Let the hate mail commence.
  4. AzHuntingAddict

    Guns, Bow, and Misc for sale

    The wifes van took a dive and now we need a new ride. Selling some things off to get a down payment. Was hoping not to have to resort to selling equipment, but it is what it is. I am in south Gilbert and would prefer to meet face to face for the gun sale and require a valid driver’s license for purchase. Thanks for looking. Marlin xs7vh in .308. It is a 26” heavy barrel gun topped with a vortex diamondback 4-12 BDC scope, has skuffs on bottom of stock and some on outer housing of scope, and to top it all off my son lost one of the caps. Includes bipod $350 PSE Stinger bow, hard case, tru fire buckle release, Has PSE stock sight and wisker biscuit rest. Stock quiver, right handed currently set at 29". $220 Nikon archers choice rangefinder. $150 Easton Axis 340 arrows, 6 fletched and six bare shafts, cut at 28-1/4" with inserts. Make an offer.
  5. AzHuntingAddict

    Anyone hunting 33 in December?

    I will be out that way as well. I wouldnt mind leaving a camp up as long as somebody was staying in camp each night. Kind of a swing shift deal with a group of people.
  6. AzHuntingAddict

    Off to 33

    How many are headed up with you on this one?
  7. AzHuntingAddict

    Badlands 2200

    PM sent.
  8. AzHuntingAddict

    33 coues

    Get r done man. Be patient and keep your eyes glued on a section for awhile.
  9. AzHuntingAddict


    PSE Stinger.
  10. AzHuntingAddict

    Imr 4350 in 30-06 just average

    I have had good luck with IMR-4895, and using 165g sierra game king BTSP.
  11. AzHuntingAddict

    Hunting on Native Lands

    No go on any hunting or fishing on Gila River Indian Community lands. They do not offer any permits either.
  12. AzHuntingAddict

    Vortex Optics: A Question

    I have two Vortex scopes and two pairs of binos. Never had a problem with the scopes on my rifles. One on a 30.06 and the other on a .308 without problems for over 5 years.
  13. AzHuntingAddict

    Early deer oct hunts

    It was a tough hunt this year for us as well. This was my 11 year olds second deer hunt since completing his hunter safety. The gnats where pretty nasty until my brother in law came and joined us, and brought the best little device ever made (at that moment). It uses a small butane thingy and has a card that puts off a fume of sorts. Worked like a charm to fight off the little buggers. Yep it was hot, and the cows were numerous as we hiked around the spots I have seen bucks in the past. I tagged out, and actually regret it. I will post up a write up here about it.
  14. AzHuntingAddict

    Supai Grand Canyon Hike

    Three times myself with the last one being the storm that wiped out the terraces below Supai in the 90's. We went during the monsoon that trip and had to wait in the parking lot until the rain stopped. I highly recommend not going during the monsoon season as the canyons you will hike through are flash flood areas. It is an awesome trip and one every Arizonan should do at least once. Back then, you had to wait almost a year to get the permits as there was a waiting list, or the tribe only gave out so many each year. You can get a mule to pack you down or back, as well as a helo ride in and out if I remember right. Last trip we ended up going all the way to the camp ground just below the Supai falls, just to turn around and head back due to the flood water. We had to camp on the deck of the café/ post office for the night. Also pack down a couple of gallon water jugs and stash them just below the switchbacks so you can fill up before returning up to the parking lot. Those switchbacks are killer when its hot!
  15. AzHuntingAddict

    Unit 33 Question: Oracle Ridge

    Most of the mountain is open to hunt, just a few spots that are private land. Check out Habimap from AZGFD, it has good land ownership maps.