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  1. IA Born

    Rocky Point Fishing

    Dont sweat it, Nick! The pics are awesome!
  2. IA Born

    Rocky Point Fishing

    Awesome and thanks, Nick! Right now, everything is up in the air with me being furloughed. Hoping to be back to work soon and continue with plans. With all of this, I'm so ready to get away!
  3. IA Born

    FS: Simmons AETEC

    Bump. Would be a good starter for someone's youth, too! Will entertain reasonable offers.
  4. IA Born

    FS: Savage 11 Youth 243

    Let's get this sold for my friend. Give him something to smile about during the shutdown!
  5. Our Northern Arizona NWTF chapter up here in Flagstaff finally has its own website! My wife worked in her free time to put it together for us and I can't thank her enough. We are blasting it out there and having our inaugural online raffle for a Cannon Meridian 48-gun safe. Tickets are $30 each and we're only selling 100 of them. You can go to the store and buy your tickets. There are less than 100 left already and its only been up and operational for a few weeks. The website needs a quick update that the winner has to pick up the safe. No deliveries or shipping. If you have pictures you want to see on our website, from events that you've been a part of with us, please PM me for my email and we'll work to get them up. After we get through this raffle, we'll start having regular online raffles. If you are the winner and out of town, you have the option to get a gift card for $629, rather than driving up to Flagstaff. All of the proceeds stay in Northern Arizona for scholarships for high school seniors, youth hunting camps, and wildlife projects. Also, our annual banquet will be March 9, 2019. The registration is online and also on the front page of our website. https://www.naznwtf.org/ Thanks for looking!
  6. Aside from the stuff I've mentioned, he can also look into Flagstaff Athletic Club for general work, unless he wants to get certified to teach/coach a class. I'll keep my ears open and I'll also back up the fact that Travis Jr. is a good, respectable, young man. I'll do what I can to help him and we'll work on getting him into some house sitting for us. If I ever get back to work, he can swing by my office anytime he needs something, too!
  7. IA Born

    Gear dump - some hunting some not

    Were you a hand model in a previous life, or still on the side? You got that rocking!
  8. Bump. Let's get this raffle sold out and draw a winner!
  9. IA Born

    Mossberg 500 20ga FS

    Oops. Just realized I forgot that info. No poly chokes. 28" VR w/ modified choke.
  10. IA Born

    Mossberg 500 20ga FS

    We're looking at coming down to Phx Sunday. Will PM you.
  11. IA Born

    Rocky Point Fishing

    Thanks, Travis. I'll check them out!
  12. IA Born

    Rocky Point Fishing

    One of my wife's coworkers offered us his house in Rocky Point and we're looking into a spring break trip in March. Can anyone recommend a fishing outfit down there? The last time I was in Rocky Point was almost 15 years ago, and the fishing boat I found had a mostly flat tire on the trailer, the motor quit working a mile from shore (fixed with a ball peen hammer), and we sat in one spot catching tiny trigger fish for a couple of hours. I'd like to find something a little less exciting on the boat-working/trailer front, but way more exciting on the fishing front. I did a Google search last night and found 3-4 places, but only one had consistently high reviews. I know several of you here go to Rocky Point regularly and fish, so I'm hoping you'll help me out.
  13. IA Born

    Merry Christmas

    11 years ago tomorrow, I received the best Christmas present ever. At 0831 on December 24, 2011, our son, Jacob, was born. I can't thank you all enough for the support you have given him on his black belt journey. I also appreciate those of you who allow me to spew my scientific and regulatory knowledge to help clarify issues and discussions here. I also appreciate the help and offers for help I've received from total strangers on here. I'm proud to call many of you my friends and I'm proud to know many more of you! Merry Christmas from my family to yours!
  14. IA Born

    Mega ammo blowout sale

    You rock! As soon as we get this stupid shutdown figured out and my paychecks hit the bank, I'll holler at you! Merry Christmas, Tim!
  15. IA Born

    Moving cost

    I don't remember who moved us from Tucson to Flagstaff 11 years ago, but it was around $13,000. It was all government contract, so we did nothing other than move our own firearms. Most moving companies won't touch that. Holler when you're up here!