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  1. juliuscesar

    WTS Badlands Ultraday Pack

    Pm sent
  2. juliuscesar

    Binos, GPS, Rangefinder - FOR SALE

    Good for you brotha, but at those prices they got screwed
  3. juliuscesar

    Binos, GPS, Rangefinder - FOR SALE

    Way over price for binos and gps, gps you can find on eBay for $50 or less. That gps was $99.00 brand new 10 years ago if you plan on selling you have to adjust pricing.
  4. juliuscesar

    like new badlands 2200

    pm sent
  5. juliuscesar

    SOLD please delete

    i was looking for something like that for my kid but the kbb max value is 13.900. goodluck with the sale.
  6. juliuscesar

    load help

    i don't have a 7mm mag, is a 7mm mag that you are asking about? but i have the berger manual and this is the data: start load= 62.5/ 2668 ft per second. max load= 69.5/ 2987 ft per second. approx fill ratio 100%. this is for h1000 powder. hope this helps.
  7. juliuscesar

    357 mag for sale

    that is a beauty,do you have it?
  8. It is time we start voting with our wallets. I'm not going to support GE anymore. If we all started watching who we give our money to, it might make a difference on how these companies handle themselves. That goes for Bank of America too. http://www.foxnews.com/us/2013/04/25/ge-capital-cuts-off-lending-to-gun-shops/?test=latestnews
  9. juliuscesar

    Hunting Regulations

    does anybody know when the deer regulations come out? Thanks.
  10. juliuscesar

    Swaro's 15x56 for sale

  11. juliuscesar

    Swaro's 15x56 for sale

    I have a pair of swarovskie's for sale, they are 4 years old perfect condition. $ 1525.00
  12. juliuscesar

    WTS a handgun 45 cal

    i have the same gun is a great gun.
  13. juliuscesar

    Elk In the Pines

    Hi, i'm trying to scout the area i'm going to hunt and saw a few elk, but they are all in the pine tree forest, not many spots to glass, now my question is how do you hunt elk in the thick forest? do you still hunt, do you hunt the edges of the meadows? or sit around where they go for water? i'm talking about the late bull hunt in late november, i know that there is lots of people in the site with a lot of experience, and any tips will be welcome, thank you.
  14. juliuscesar

    Question about elk hunting

    Tough hunt but you could find some nice bulls in the lower elevations, read the azgfd website , the areas they mention are always good starting points.
  15. juliuscesar


    Thank you , this is great information, now my next question is: when you are glassing in the am and you see them go over the ridge to cover and shade how long do you wait before you go around and star glassing the thick areas?