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  1. BruinPoint

    2020 az archery mule deer

    Nice buck and thanks for sharing the story and pics!
  2. BruinPoint

    OnXmaps AZ GPS chip - $60

    Would you be interested in trading for a Utah chip?
  3. BruinPoint

    Too late for the muley rut?

    A few pics from last week.
  4. BruinPoint

    Too late for the muley rut?

    Well I came, I saw, and I did not conquer 🤣 Had a really good time, saw some nice bucks, only went after a couple, and it just didn't come together. Saw a little bit of everything rut wise. Saw does without bucks, does with little bucks that weren't even sniffing around, mixed groups of does and multiple bucks of different ages, big bucks locked down on a single doe, mature bucks cruising, and mature bucks alone just being deer. I think I'd have preferred to be a little earlier but I'm not disappointed by any means. Gonna have to try getting back down in December I really appreciate all the feedback and I'm grateful to get to come spend time in your beautiful state.
  5. BruinPoint

    Too late for the muley rut?

    Hitting the road in the morning, thanks for the info and pics. Can't wait to get there.
  6. BruinPoint

    Too late for the muley rut?

    That's encouraging, thanks to all who replied!
  7. BruinPoint

    Too late for the muley rut?

    Well I wasn't sure it was going to happen, but I finally got everything in place to let me come down for archery deer from Jan 10-19 and I'm probably headed to somewhere in 31/32/33/37's. . Based on what I see on CWT and Instagram, it seems like the rut started early this year. Am I going to miss it?
  8. BruinPoint

    Kodiak canvas 12x9 deluxe

    PM inbound
  9. BruinPoint

    Let's talk generators for travel trailers

    I've got a Champion with remote start and it was great until the automatic choke started having trouble. It still runs great but about 90% of the time I'll have to go start it manually adjusting the choke by hand... I had my doubts about their customer service given the budget price point but maybe I should look into it. Either way, I like mine, the only reason I'd consider something else is if it was a lot quieter.
  10. BruinPoint

    2005 F150 4x4

    I think you'll like it - I had an '06 with the 5.4L. The only problems were the master window switch and a vacuum leak causing the hubs to partially engage and get torn up which were both well known. The window switch issue can often be solved by pulling the switch and cleaning the contact points. The engine never had an issue - never messed with the original spark plugs from 56,000 to 141,000 miles and maybe lost 0.2 mpg over that time. I replaced it with an '08 with a 4.6L which I also liked a lot and now I have '12 with the Ecoboost and it's ridiculously awesome.
  11. BruinPoint

    WTB Remington sendero 7mm

    There are usually half a dozen used and new on GunBroker.com if you strike out locally.
  12. BruinPoint


    I assume you don't have any preference points so you should take time to check out the Colorado Parks & Wildlife website or one of the various draw odds resources and find hunts that you can draw with 0 points as a first choice. From that list you can narrow it down. I don't like posting specific units on public threads but there are quite a few that would work.
  13. BruinPoint

    Rangefinder found

    I lost a camo Nikon in 33 a couple years ago LOL
  14. BruinPoint

    Got it done again.

  15. BruinPoint

    2016 Rut Activity

    Saw a young 2 point chasing does, thrashing a paloverde, and lip curling last night and a nice buck today cruising alone and all "swoll-up" near Mammoth. I think it's close.