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  1. joe hunter

    Lost Dogs - FOUND!

    Glad to hear it.
  2. joe hunter

    Advice on cold weather states

    I worked in Wyoming and sometimes Montana for 4 years and never could get used to the freezing cold winters that started in September some years. I don’t miss those cold winters and snow when I’m doing work around the house here in January. Good luck with it.
  3. joe hunter

    Lost Dogs - FOUND!

    I had two black labs run off on me a couple of months ago when I went into my barn to pick up a bale of hay, came out and they were gone. I called the Sheriffs dept the next day and they said the humane society had called them and said the dogs showed up at some guys house so he loaded them up and took them to the HS. Good luck !!
  4. joe hunter

    Purple stripes on trees - No Trespassing

    Kansas is purple.
  5. joe hunter

    3a3c early archery wife gets lucky again

    Congrats on that tag.
  6. joe hunter

    Cowgirls at it again

    Needed help tagging some calves so I called for some cowgirls and their dog. Their ol gun dog wouldn’t let the mama cow near his boss. IMG_0899.MOV
  7. joe hunter

    Ground Blind Recommendations

    Double Bull. I have a Dark Horse that I don’t think they make anymore but it’s still going strong. Double Bull is the only blinds I’ve ever owned. Don’t really know how other blinds stack up against them.
  8. joe hunter

    What elk bugle/call to buy?

  9. joe hunter

    Needed the girls

    They’re always up for a pack out….
  10. joe hunter

    Needed the girls

    I needed some help packin a cow out last season and had to call the A team and their dog……got the job done, then they were gone !!!
  11. joe hunter

    Changing out the signs

    Who shops in a store anymore ? Sit on the couch with a beer in hand surfing all the ww.coms and hit…add to cart. Back in the 90’s I couldn’t pass a Cabela’s without going in,it’s been a long while since I’ve been in one.
  12. joe hunter

    American Gun Violence

    That liberal democrat might want to try and make people come up to good American standards and quit making America stoop to their low standards. They wonder why America is becoming a big free for all.