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  1. Anaconda

    Any Ice on Sunrise?

    No ice where I was trolling today. My son.
  2. Anaconda

    Muzzy Bull

    Congratulations gentlemen. I had the tag, and never saw a bull during daylight / shooting hours. Had a pig in my headlights Monday night. Sneaking between two large hunting camps near Stoneman. Hikes miles, drove all the back roads and 4X4 trails, spent hours behind the glass.
  3. Anaconda

    Little Boat, Big Lake

    Pay attention to the weather. I try to be off the water if the wind gets over 10 mph. I have used my 12 ft flatbottom on Strawberry in Utah. That’s a big lake. We get off the water an hour before any wind/rain is predicted.
  4. Anaconda

    10-22 Owners with scopes Step Inside

    My son got a 10/22 for Christmas a few years back. Plinking, small game and steel plates at 50 Yds I gave him a scope budget and we did some research. He choose a Burris 2X7-36 "Droptine". Very happy with it, Impressive scope for about $150
  5. Anaconda

    I took some boys fishing.

    This young man isn't old enough to be a "Boy Scout" yet, His older brother is with the troop. After I had taken all the scouts out, his father ask if I could take him. Sure, both of you hop in. The bigger fish hit a spoon on light spinning gear and really put up a fight. The smile says it all !
  6. Anaconda

    I took some boys fishing.

    I really enjoy taking “first time” fishermen out and helping them get their first fish. I “pre-fish” the lake the day before, and I know what lures are working best, and where the trout are hanging out. I have several rods set up, go lines out and put the rods in holders. Tell the boys “just watch that rod tip, you’ll know when a fish hits it. The excited look on their faces when they get a fish on is priceless. Tonight I am going to finish teaching a few things to 5 Scouts, and in two weeks, they will get their “Fishing Merit Badge”.
  7. Anaconda

    Flying Bulls of Unit 10

    and I always thought they had the Cloaking device. Cool Pic.
  8. Anaconda

    I took some boys fishing.

  9. Anaconda

    I took some boys fishing.

  10. Anaconda

    I took some boys fishing.

  11. Anaconda

    I took some boys fishing.

  12. Anaconda

    I took some boys fishing.

  13. Anaconda

    I took some boys fishing.

    Boy Scouts that is. Last weekend I took my sons scout troop on a camping and fishing trip to Courtright lake at 8,000 feet in the mountains east of Fresno, Ca. I take my 12 ft jon boat, and I take any boy that wants to go out fishing. No monsters, mostly 14 to 17 inches, but all ten boys that went out with me caught at least one. Several of the boys had never been fishing before.
  14. Anaconda

    Monsoon report

    Any reports on 6 A ?
  15. Anaconda

    2018 antler growth

    I'm hoping that last rain will produce enough grass to last until the real monsoons show up.