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  1. mountaingoat08

    Lower Black River

    Appreciate the info!
  2. mountaingoat08

    Lower Black River

    did the smallie bite pick up? was thinking abut heading there thursday
  3. mountaingoat08

    28 Nosler for sale

  4. mountaingoat08

    28 Nosler for sale

    The rifle weighs 9.7 lbs with Vortex 6-24x50 PST, level and rings Traded the owner the rifle for a hunt and I do not need it Have another 28 that is a work horse. Use it for everything This one is brand new
  5. mountaingoat08

    28 Nosler for sale

    Muzzle brake picture, barrel and bolt are fluted
  6. mountaingoat08

    28 Nosler for sale

    I answered your PM bowhnt. GC-1000 hunter w/ highcomb stock And yes their muzzle brake is installed Ill add a picture
  7. mountaingoat08

    28 Nosler for sale

    Cross Canyon Arms 28 Nosler 26" Barrel 1:8 twist Green Web stock Wilson Grey metal finish Only have had a few rounds down the barrel to do load development. $5900+ rifle when ordered from them (Bare rifle with rings, scope not included) $4500.00 Pm if interested
  8. Appreciate it man! Love the bull in your avatar also!
  9. mountaingoat08

    Please welcome AxisWorks LLC as our newest sponsor!

    Cannot beat the knowledge and customer service Eric brings to the table at AxisWorks. Muzzle brakes, long range precision rifle building etc the man is a perfectionist