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  1. John7979

    Her first deer.

    One game warden said it was 5-6 year old doe that drove up just 5 minutes after she was dead. Another at checkin said it was a yearling, lol. I'll go with the first game warden, never heard of getting over 50lbs of meat off a yearling.
  2. John7979

    Her first deer.

    It was a blast, she wants to apply for it next year again. We made it a family trip with mom and her 2 younger sisters, rented a cabin. Hope she draws next year so we can do it again.
  3. John7979

    Her first deer.

    Opening morning 12A West we got a late start but she tagged out @ 7:50 AM. Kids hunts are so much more fun than my own!
  4. John7979

    Montana Unlimited Sheep Hunt

    Look up "Montana Bighorn Sheep Conservation Strategy". Lots of good info in there.
  5. John7979

    Montana Unlimited Sheep Hunt

    I've been looking into this hunt over the last couple years, it's very interesting! I know 3 things I'll have when I do it, a 45-70, .44 Mag and bear electric fencing for camp! I'll take a month off, 2 weeks before the hunt to scout the area hard before the hunt, 2 to hunt. If you dig you can find the maps online of exactly where sheep have been seen over the last decade and some killed. I found them, had on my last phone that fried, just haven't looked them up since or I'd share them with you. Good luck.
  6. I can be in Globe about 10 am in the morning for the scope with the cash. I'll pm you my phone number.
  7. John7979

    2017 Buffalo House Rock Ranch

    That isn't even close to my bull. Mine was indeed shot off H Salt. Didn't even get to the blind. Furthermore, funny how you get on here bashing and bitching cause you didn't want to be a team player, yet when someone fires back at you, you cry more. Suck it up buttercup.
  8. John7979

    2017 House Rock hunt success!

    Dug, I shot him with my .270 Win, complete pass thru.
  9. John7979

    2017 House Rock hunt success!

    Thanks guys! And yes it is the best meat, I'm addicted to it now!
  10. Got this bull on the first June hunt on June 8th after sitting in the blind for 6 days, which I am not good at doing at all! On the 7th day switched it up and went to a different spot and got this bull at 5:05 AM before even getting down to the blind. If it wasn't for Russ's guide Brian I wouldn't of got this one. Most mentally challenging hunt sitting in that blind, but totally worth it. Can't wait till next year when I get the shoulder mount back and euro. Having the back half the hide tanned as well cause I'm going to make a glass display coffee table using the hide in it.
  11. John7979

    2017 Buffalo House Rock Ranch

    Truehunter I call BS and you a flat out liar, a bitter, ignorant liar! I was on the first June hunt this year and Brian is one tough, honest, hard working guy!! If it wasn't for him helping a non-paying hunters I wouldn't of got my bull! Yes I was a paying client, I did my research and I wasn't going to sit in Russ's blinds, over his salt, his cameras, use his radios and not pay anything! You're full of crap, 4 non paying clients tagged out before me and I was the 2nd if 3 paying clients to harvest. A 3rd from ND didn't tag out I heard. I don't see Brian telling anybody to shoot over anybody's head! I've talked to both Briand and Russ a fair bit and that is not at all how they operate! As far as your claim to Russ blocking roads, another lie, when he came up on the weekends he was clearing roads! Yes they want control, they bloody know the area like the back of their hands and the bison, do you? The answer to that is no, but you are ignorant and bitter cause you didn't tag out. Every night Brian would talk to each and every Hunter, get the radios to charge overnight and in the morning hand them back out and send the hunters out. Brian put me on a spot that he flat out said that it is known for only bulls and big ones and they didn't come in as often as other places known for cows and single bulls and asked if I was ok with that. I was, 6 days later he asked if I wanted to move, gave me two options and after talking about it we decided in a spot the day before a non paying client killed a bull. He helped them cut it up and hauled over half if it out for them cause he knew if he didn't they'd still be there in the morning hauling meat out and nobody would have a chance there. So because of Brian and his hard, unselfish work I got my bull! No Russ doesn't want people driving all around up there "scouting", you're only a hundred yards to 200 off the park boundry, they already know which spots the bison are hitting, they are on top of it daily!! This bison hunt is not like any other hunt, and this complaining about how Russ runs it, really don't understand it cause they haven't talked to him much it Brian or they have a huge ego problem! It's their salt, their blinds and they ask for nothing in return, yet there is always ungrateful idiots like you that will complain. As far as Brian refusing to pick up a client, don't remember if you or somebody else said that, that is a lie too! Brian dropped me off every morning and picked me up every evening like clockwork. My truck was totaled last September and still fighting the insurance company (long story). I had to go up there in a Prius, I was able to haul a couple hundred pounds of meat back to Mesa and on the way the hide and cape, skull to the taxidermist and two days later I met Russ in Flagstaff to get the rest if the meat. Amazes me the likes from ignorant, ego plague cry babies! Guess what also buddy, I don't see Russ going anywhere. I'm putting in my baby Mama's 11 year old and 13 year old in for the hunt as well as the mom and will use Russ again for each hunt! You didn't tag out, keep applying, no need to make up likes! This hunt is unlike any other which means different tactics that aren't used anywhere else or very very few places. Grow up, suck it up!
  12. Just like new, not a scratch and the scope bikini has been on it since day 1. Barely used, maybe half dozen times. Will throw in the tripod too. First $450 takes it. In Mesa, but can meet.
  13. Just like new, not a scratch and the scope bikini has been on it since day 1. Barely used, maybe half dozen times. Will throw in the tripod too. First $450 takes it. In Mesa, but can meet.
  14. Just like new, not a scratch and the scope bikini has been on it since day 1. Barely used, maybe half dozen times. Will throw in the tripod too. First $450 takes it. In Mesa, but can meet.
  15. John7979

    Mohawk Valley hunt

    Thanks, stink pigs are my absolute favorite to hunt.