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  1. lookinfor110

    Climber Tree stand

  2. lookinfor110

    Climber Tree stand

    $39 Never used climber tree stand so it's like new.
  3. lookinfor110

    Best route to 5bn?

    Got there...87 to 211 to 82 north to the unit. Rained big but short in the afternoons.
  4. lookinfor110

    Best route to 5bn?

    Thank you all for the feedback!
  5. lookinfor110

    Best route to 5bn?

    Any suggestions for the best roads/route to drive from Phoenix to the southern end of 5bn? Will be towing a low-medium clearance trailer that cannot tolerate the rocky back roads in the area. Thanks!.
  6. lookinfor110

    2015 Draw Odds

    9% 4% 16% Thank-you Flatlander...appreciate it!!!
  7. lookinfor110

    2015 Draw Odds

    Flatlander: Resident 8 points archery sept hunt Unit 1 Unit 9 Unit 10 Many Thanks!
  8. lookinfor110

    Drinkable Water?

    Where in the woods does a bear poop.....
  9. lookinfor110

    Trail Cam - 'Kicker"

    not likely, we've been distracted chasing this guy, we call him Thumper
  10. lookinfor110

    Trail Cam - 'Kicker"

    haven't seen him this year yet and no G2 split on his right side
  11. lookinfor110

    Trail Cam - 'Kicker"

    My brother and I have been chasing Kicker for 3 years now, this pic from 2013. See him pre season, just evaporates during the season.
  12. lookinfor110


    October 36a for me and my brother...fourth choice
  13. lookinfor110

    Are the Mule Deer still rutting?!?

    36 b and a, last weekend, saw ~40 MD does, no bucks.
  14. lookinfor110


    Hunted a southern unit today, saw and failed on a bruiser of a 4x4 with five does. Not pushing them but staying close. Will return tomorrow for round two.
  15. lookinfor110

    You bowhunters getting antsy yet???

    Sat a water hole most of the day yesterday...six WTs came in...does and fawns. Very cool experience. They don't stay long, average of three minutes from entry to exit.