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  1. Cohunter1989

    Savage 111LRH in .300 win mag w/ Viper PST gen 1

    Have more or less same setup. Shoots super well hard to beat for the money!
  2. Cohunter1989


    Oh ok right on sorry that sounds like a big bummer
  3. Cohunter1989


    Only face to face sales?
  4. Cohunter1989

    WTS Swaro slc HD 15x56 1800$

    Interested if sale falls through
  5. Cohunter1989

    WTB binos

    Yeah it’s kind of what I’ve heard. My wife has other ideas though. But I may just pull the pin and get swarms...
  6. Cohunter1989

    WTB binos

    Looking for some 15x56 maybe even lower powered let me know what you have. Probably can’t do $1700+.
  7. Cohunter1989

    Group hunt?

    Awesome thanks. I looked through the rule book and it didn’t help much.
  8. Cohunter1989

    Group hunt?

    Can you put in as a group in Arizona? I’m sure this is easy and I’m just an idiot.
  9. Cohunter1989

    First one!

    Awesome! Can’t wait to chase those little guys myself.
  10. Cohunter1989

    Rifle seasons.

    Sorry for the dumb question, and I’ve got the dates figured out.
  11. Cohunter1989

    Awesome Youth Success with Video

    I’ve seen all your videos. All are awesome!
  12. Cohunter1989

    Rifle seasons.

    Yes I have
  13. Cohunter1989

    Rifle seasons.

    So I guess my question is more on the side of, there is an October season. Is this the early season rifle? And then so on on and so fourth for the seasons?
  14. Cohunter1989

    Rifle seasons.

    I’ve been a little bit confused about what the actual seasons are. Toprut shows a early, 2nd, 3rd and late. What are the dates of these? I’m sure it’s a really dumb question.