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  1. Manfrotto Be Free Fluid Head Slik Pro330EZ Outdoorsmans tall bino adapter $200 IMG_0627.HEIC IMG_0624.HEIC IMG_0623.HEIC IMG_0622.HEIC IMG_0621.HEIC IMG_0626.HEIC IMG_0625.HEIC
  2. Huntingrealtor

    Eberlestock Dragonfly Pack $150

    Eberlestock Dragonfly Pack $150 IMG_0636.HEIC IMG_0635.HEIC IMG_0634.HEIC
  3. Outdoorsmans Long Range Pack System Outdoorsmans Accessory Pod and Rain Fly $645 New. $400 IMG_0631.HEIC IMG_0630.HEIC IMG_0629.HEIC IMG_0628.HEIC
  4. Huntingrealtor

    Swarovski SLC 15x56’s HD

    Swarovski SLC 15x56’s HD $1900 OBO IMG_0616.HEIC IMG_0617.HEIC IMG_0618.HEIC IMG_0619.HEIC IMG_0620.HEIC
  5. Huntingrealtor

    Swarovski SLC 10x42’s

    Swarovski SLC 10x42’s $1200 OBO IMG_0614.HEIC IMG_0615.HEIC IMG_0613.HEIC IMG_0612.HEIC IMG_0611.HEIC
  6. Browning X-Bolt Western Hunter A-TACS AU Caliber 300 WIN MAG Swarovski Z5 5-25x52P X-bolt rings and bases Outdoormans custom Turret Harris Bipod Pelican Case 100 rounds of Barnes Ammo gun and scope are only about 16months old, less than 100 round fired $2800 OBO $3600+ To build IMG_0608.HEIC IMG_0606.HEIC IMG_0607.HEIC IMG_0610.HEIC IMG_0605.HEIC IMG_0601.HEIC IMG_0609.HEIC IMG_0604.HEIC IMG_0603.HEIC IMG_0602.HEIC
  7. Huntingrealtor

    33 help

    Thanks that was very helpful. Due to work I really don't have any time to scout
  8. Huntingrealtor

    33 help

    I have a November 9th WT tag in 33. Looking for any suggestions on where to hunt. Any info is greatly appreciated. Thanks