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    Deer Hunting and anything that has to do with deer hunting.
  1. cb375hh

    CVA Optima V2

    My father has a CVA muzzleloader. Shoots 100 grains with pellets and Hornady SST 250 grains. He has killed many deer with it and it's very accurate. You have a solid weapon to hunt with.
  2. I'm going hunting in August for Stika Blacktail Deer on POW and I was wondering have any of you guys ever got an additional bulk charge for a rifle case when you checked it?? The website says anything over 63 total inches ( Length + width + height) they charge a bulk fee. Has anyone recently flown with Alaska Airlines??
  3. cb375hh

    Bigger Than Last Year?

    Congratulations. Nice buck.
  4. cb375hh

    Late Nov. Tag Filled

    Great buck!! Congratulations
  5. cb375hh

    First Big Game Harvest

    He looks like a lifer for sure now.
  6. cb375hh

    Lady Luck!

    Congrats on the buck. That mount is awesome. I hope you tipped your packer. Lol
  7. cb375hh

    My Birthday Buck II

    Great job. That's a pretty good birthday present.
  8. cb375hh

    Girls and Hunting

    Women are the future of hunting. The sport won't survive if it's just a bunch of old men participating. Women help show that half of the hunting experience is spending quality time with friends and family, many of my non hunting friends dont get that part. As a hunting community we need to be as inclusive a a possible.
  9. cb375hh

    A Couple of Pieces Finished

    Love the habitat with the buck nice job.
  10. cb375hh

    New coues addition

    That's one heck of a buck nice mount as well. Congrats
  11. cb375hh

    Archery Coues Dirtnap

    Nice job!! Congrats on your first buck.
  12. cb375hh

    My ColumbiaWhitetail...

    Congrats. Nice buck
  13. cb375hh

    Prince of wales deer hunting ????

    We were planning on going early season so we could just get up high and camp. Does anyone know at what height the open alpine starts? I have found a decent spots on google earth but I have to pick between to different areas. Any pointers would be very helpful.
  14. Nice work, gorgeous buck for sure. Never seen a buck with so much character.