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In this image, the milky way arches over Bell Rock, Courthouse Butte, Lee Mountain, Gibraltar, and Twin Buttes near Sedona. I had been wanting to make this night panorama for a few years, and finally spent a few hours in the dark. This is a blend of about 9 images for the starry sky, and about 9 exposures for the mountains taken about 45 minutes after sunset so some detail could be captured with less noise. The native file is about 27x54" without any enlargement.

After a series of images to stitch into a long panorama was shot, the night was ended with this single exposure.  The light on Courthouse Butte is due to the lights of the Village of Oak Creek
Nikon D810, 24mm, f/2.8, ISO 6400, 20 sec.

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Just so everyone is aware, Doug loves to take photographs and has an amazing portfolio.

I urge everyone to check out his site at Landscape photography of the American Southwest by Doug Koepsel (plateaulightphotography.com)

You can order prints (The metal wall art is phenomenal) and you also just may find him at an art show near your neck of the woods!

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