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On 11/4/2022 at 3:16 PM, zackcarp said:

So the past year has been a real roller coaster. Last year my daughter was diagnosed with Celiac Disease and it has been super tough on my daughter and family in general. We struck out on all youth tags, but picked up a 3rd choice general hunt coues tag. I wasn't sure my daughter was ready or could handle the challenge. Long story short, I'd like to thank Kev for his help. He found this buck for us opening morning, in a location my daughter would be capable to make a decent shot, and we were able to make it happen. Seeing my daughter being herself again made this one of the most memorable hunts I'll have.




Awesome buck! Very inspiring and i cant wait to experience this with my daughter and son. Kev is a great guy and i have met him only once for my bufffalo hunt and he was over the top helpful with cameras and information. He trusted me with his gear and had never met him before that. I really don't know anyone who would help people like he does. Goes above and beyond. Good dude for sure. Hope to keep in touch and maybe hunt with him someday as well. Zac you seem like a good guy as well. Not many left but seems like you are doing great with your family. Keep up the good work. Love  seeing posts like this. Congrats again.

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Awesome Buck! Love the smile on all of your faces! Way to go Kev! Memories for a lifetime! 

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