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This all started with a text late on a Saturday night asking if I could build one of these coffins and have it ready by Monday noon🙃!
I’ve built four of these in the last month, decided to build one more! I’ve got it listed in the White mountain area for $950 would take $850 from CWT member!

Unstained no liner!

 I know it’s weird but holler if interested! 
Diagram is for dimensions of the one I have on hand!

928-243-19665648260D-8DC5-4CF9-A2D1-1142784EEAE2.thumb.jpeg.aef5727aa947710bf3aebfef5a2b9102.jpegB8E37D07-DA96-4CCA-A5DB-479C5D7A2B83.thumb.jpeg.1e671831f9d9075ca86ed99bfb0b3929.jpeg78921733-ED98-4E72-837D-4E86BA01BB7C.thumb.jpeg.4c1c0bf78f5de59f86220ecb34c47c7d.jpegEC6A0CD5-AE50-4EAD-B91A-12DEC8CE9BC6.thumb.jpeg.42b40dbfabbd594176f3c39099bd9826.jpeg3CE43B86-F51B-4513-BFB8-24426FD81A21.thumb.jpeg.9ceb48d50eda41e2296d0e61a75b5480.jpegC9B7E927-2B98-4DD7-AE15-0D3B7F07822E.thumb.jpeg.d852546c6511617d667870d1b2330d6a.jpeg4653D71D-B265-4185-875F-7891CD2CA240.thumb.jpeg.fbed7d2509c1cdf8071f8cadfc3a5d37.jpegB2AA4E45-1071-4F5F-A0C6-8D3301C947A9.thumb.jpeg.8418a8a4301b7205af84e741d4f7ee3f.jpeg I can make to fit! 

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I’ll take it if the election continues the way it’s trending 

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