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Last hour spike

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My antler size is going the other direction. I will not contribute to the thread of harvesting Monster Bucks.

This is the last-hour-of-the-hunt spike.




This spike I shot in 08.




After a hard but doe filled weekend hunt, I had some pesonal business that fell through, planned on Wednesday, and thus I drove the dark drive of solitude, and ended up on a sit near some fresh tracks. Earlier, I passed up a 280 plus shot on two bucks, using my pack as a rest from the prone, as I just felt like I could stalk closer (did not...something spooked 'em a little). I played the scenario over and over, but that distance is at the edge of my 30-30, unscoped, and I had not practiced enough long range stuff. However, hopeful with two hours left in the hunt, I still glassed from my sit site. A brief, almost ghost- like shilloutte on a far ridge, and then it was gone. Was I tired and imagining things? I glassed again, and a deer, large at the long distance, was surely there, maybe 3/4 mile or so, and I packed my layers away, walked fast, through some does and then up the ridge.


Two does came quick into me, the wind in my favor. I squatted in the grass, rifle ready. I recalled the post about bucks and does getting together, and I thought of the large deer I saw an hour earlier. The does came in, feeding on shin dagger, maybe 25 yards, and one could sorta of sense me. Then, a spike. Oh boy, what a small one, and I witheld shooting until I could really verify. Likewise, he verified me at 20 yards and started to run. My first shot went right over his back, and on making the second shot I took the extra micro second to lead him properly, and boom, the round hit his front shoulder. He hit some brush, leapt up, and boom, I shot again.


A small animal, but meat nonetheless. I took the animal gifted to me.

I commited mistakes this hunt, and have much to learn. For instance, Sunday, I had an unkown opportunity earlier, making a small fire to warm some coffee after the rain, only to later, an hour or so, read the tracks of how the deer snuck away from my small, non-stealthy brew up.


A hearty thanks to all who shared comments.

Merry Christmas, and God Bless.




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Very poetic write up. I enjoyed the read.

Thanks, and congratulations on your buck.


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