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CZ P-01

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A few months back I bought a used CZ 75 P-01 in 9mm ... my first ever 9x19. Just took it out and shot it yesterday for the first time since owning it ... been pretty busy. Got to say I was impressed. Has good balance, holds 14+1, and is pretty darn accurate for a non-1911 (can you tell I'm biased toward that platform?). The trigger is surprisingly good in single action. I had expected something somewhat close to my Berretta/Stoeger Cougar, but it was much better than that. Decent in double action too. Once I got the sight picture down, I could hit a 3" dot 3 out of 5 times (most of the time) at 10 yards. Not bad for the first time out. I guess I've found my new "truck gun". Still like my 1911 better, but I hate to carry that day in and day out for the abuse it would take. Same goes for my HK USP, though that gun is about as bulletproof a rig as I've ever seen/owned.


If anyone is looking for a reasonably priced 9, I'd give this one decent marks.

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Yepp, I own a CZ 75 SP-01.

Best shooting 9MM I have ever shot,Their slide design is really amazing


Dude this post is almost six years old.

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