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Apache Lake 3/26/2013

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My dad and I hit Apache today from 7-1:30. Cold and windy out of the north this morning. We froze till 9:30. Fishing was pretty slow till about 10 then the fishing was on fire. We ended up catching 29 Bass about half largemouth and half smallies. The average fish size is amazing there. The largest bass were 3.5lbs. We caught them on dropshot.










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Way to slay'em. Good luck in the sweet 16 as well.

I shredded my brackets days ago. Gonzaga killed me. Same with FGCU. :(

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That's awesome Brian and thanks for the report. You did much better than we did. Wish I could have been there today. If you get a chance try and show a picture of your setup. I'm sure it's different than what Peg and I use. We tie on a barrel swivel and add about 12" of 6lb test with a #6 hook and then place a split shot, size determines how much the wind is blowing, just above the swivel knot. Put on an old fashion nightcrawler and drift it just off the bottom. Nothing fancy with our cheap zebco rod & reels.

Thanks for sharing your day with us and for the pictures. You're a blessed man to be able to spend so much fishing time with your Dad. :)



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