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Please help me welcome our newest sponsor, High Point Outfitters!


Check out their website and their Youtube channel.






High Point Outfitters is co-owned by Kevin Call, Blake Call and John Adams. They started their guiding business in 2008 and have had great success since then. They specialize in Elk, Antelope, Mule Deer and Coues Deer. They guide between 18-24 clients each year and had 20 hunters in 2013. They guide exclusively in Arizona (no Mexico or NM hunts). Because they live up in Flagstaff, they know the northern units very well. Although their focus the last several years have been on Elk, Antelope and Mule Deer, they now have on staff a couple Coues guides (Chris Barreras and Ben Sandall) who can provide great Coues hunts for units 6A, 6B, 8, 22 and 23.


High Point Outfitters can provide whatever type of camp the hunter desires. Normally they use trailers and wall tents and have a great cook on staff. Owner Kevin Call said, "We provide both guide only hunts and fully outfitted hunts where the hunter can just bring their gun and sleeping bag. We pick them up at the Flagstaff airport and we take care of everything. Depending on the hunt we provide all transportation including Quads for some units. We stay in trailers and wall tents. We provide showers every day with warm comfortable accommodations so people can hunt hard every day. We provide first class meals that include our opening day Steaks and ice cream and Dutch oven cobbler. Hard to beat. We have been told by more than a few of our hunters that we provide a first class camp and the best they have ever stayed in. We believe in being comfortable."


I called several of their past clients and these are the types of comments I heard about HPO service:

"Highly professional!!"

"Good family people!"

"Great knowledge of the hunt unit!"

"Very personable and professional!"

"Highly recommended!"


"Perfect hunt!"



These guides are dedicated to making your hunt the best it can be. They work hard to try and get record book animals on every hunt. They guide archery and rifle hunters.



When I asked about their success rate, here is what Kevin said, "I am a CPA by trade so I do keep stats. I think we need to have some basis for seeing how we are doing. With that said we do have some trophy hunters that would prefer to hunt the full hunt and not punch their tag without taking home the best animal that they have available to them. We have had 100% opportunity to harvest an animal on all of our hunts.

Since 2008 we have had the following success:


Rifle Antelope – 100%

Archery Elk – 67%

Early Rifle Elk – 100%

Late Rife Elk – 54%

Rifle Deer – 100%



They also guide just about any type of hunter, from a novice to a true trophy hunter. They have been very successful at making first time hunters successful. And they have helped their clients take amazing animals.


Give High Point Outfitters a call and check out their website. Find out what HPO can do for your next hunt!



Here are some pics:


































Watch their highlight video from 2013


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Kevin is a great guide and ultra nice person. I've shared meadows (while I was in Duwane Adams camps) in the past alongside HPO.

They have a way to being the trophies back and have fun doing it.


Welcome and thanks for the sponsorship!

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Welcome aboard and I look forward to seeing some of your upcoming hunt stories. Good luck on all your hunts this year. :)



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