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show low second knoll range approved

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time to get everybody to step up to the pump! join the group and lets get this off the ground! share the link to your friends, facebook, whatever its time to start cookin' with gas.....and kudos to the guys and gals that have stuck with this project since 2005!



September 4, 2014


The Forest Service has issued the Special Use Permit for the range! The permit is with Game and Fish for signatures, and the board of WMSA will have to sign a contract with G&F to operate the range.

The big hurdle is out of the way, and soon we can start work on fencing the land and building the range. This will take time and money, but you will see concrete results.

Once the contract is in place, we can start applying for grants, loans, grants-in-kind (goods or services given in lieu of cash), as we have to raise the money to build the range.

Keep watching here for the latest news!

September 1, 2014

The Game and Fish Commission will be having their September meeting in Show Low at the City Council Chambers (the same building as the library) on September 6 , starting at 8 AM. If you can make it, it would be good to show support for the agency that has spent thousands of dollars on moving our range into being. It should only take an hour or two of your time.


I had the same question, and on July 1, I talked to the Forest Service. It seems the Intergovernmental agreement between AZDOT (who holds the current Special Use Permit for the site) and Game and Fish needs a tiny bit of 'tweaking'. A small issue is being resolved (all the research is done and results are favorable), and the 'perfected' agreement should be accepted by both parties soon.

Please, say with us, we are only inches away from obtaining the Special Use Permit.


Seth Nadel




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I was hoping they would build a 500+ yard range. The range will be very nice, but Arizona really needs more 500+ yard public ranges!



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