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elk roast dinner and left overs

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made my easy dinner in a bag - elk roast and fresh veggies


pic-1 what we each had for dinner


Pic-2 what was left in the roaster


pic-3 leftovers divided up


should be able to eat all week- veggies turned out perfect and the roast you could cut with your fork






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turkey oven bag


carrots - celery - onion - mushrooms -bell pepper - golden potatoes - had added snow peas last time or any extras you want


a package of potroast mix + 2 cups water


5 lb roast season rubbed cut up for easier searing in sunflower oil - cook at 285 for 3 hrs -


all in a roaster tub


it was my last roast - so if anyone needs some freezer space I have room to spare now - lol

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