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Where can I get a map of 34A

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Have a hunt next week and am looking for a Topo Map or same quality....I been to Cabellas and a few local stores and nada....any help. Or if someone has one I can borrow I will just make a copy of the general area I will be in...




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Wide world of maps.

^ This. They have the entire state on 7.5 minute maps. You can get them laminated there too for a more permanent solution.

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Q: Where can I get a map of 34A?

A: Right here.




I am the developer of Gmap4 which is an enhanced Google map viewer that is displaying the map. The data you see on the map is coming from a GIS (Geographical Information System) server operated by the state.


If you zoom in then you can change the basemap to "t4 Topo High" which is a higher resolution topo than the t6 basemap.


Gmap4 has some ability to work offline. For more info see my post:



I am starting a project to produce Gmap4 links for each state that will display hunting, fishing, camping and other outdoor recreation data. Every state has this data on GIS servers. Yes, I will do AZ Map links. Not sure when though. Each state takes some time. If you would like to see what this project is going to look like, two states are done - Michigan and New York.

(The wind layers on one of the Michigan maps are not working correctly. That should get fixed later today.)



Joseph, the Gmap4 guy



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