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Unfortunately I have to say goodbye to a great optic. I need the money for school. I start Glendale's fire academy at the college shortly and the grant I have applied for has taken longer than expected due to some error by the financial aid department at the college. Being laid off recently and having a child has pushed me to sell some great hunting equipment. I know in the long run it will pay off when I am serving our community as a full time fire fighter.


The glass is in 100% fresh from the factory shape. Not a single scratch. The body has a few minor cosmetic scratches from being used out in the field. This is a great light weight and powerful optic. Gathers great light in the dwindling hours. Have the box, see though carrying case with strap, eyepiece and objective lense covers and owners manual. I hate to get rid of it but duty calls. Thanks for the interest. If you have any questions feel free to PM me. Ill post some digiscope pictures I've taken with it. Good luck and may the wind stay in your favor. Happy new year!



















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Dude best add ever. Sorry all your stuff is going but better will be in your hands soon. Man I have other glass or I would jynp on this

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With a good fire fighter job you'll replace it with upgrades and have time to hunt! Does the tripod come with the scope sir?

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Good luck and don't be afraid to test out of state. You can always lateral back to AZ if you want. We are blowing up here in Vegas and hiring hundreds in the next few years FYI if interested. Las Vegas Fire and Rescue.

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Thanks.being on the job in vegas has to be crazy. Ive spent some time in vegas. Off the strip. Its a crazy city. Thanks for the intel. I will look into it!

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