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Adams wulff

Unit 10 archery bull

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Just found out about this forum and joined. Lots of good discussion and lots of active members it appears. Glad to be a part of it. Mostly small game hunt but hunt elk and antelope when I can get drawn.


Did draw a Unit 10 archery tag this year and very excited. I hunted it with some friends a few years ago and looking forward to eating back there and re-learning it. All units change over the years and I'm sure nothing different about this unit. I know it's gone through some changes but hoping the reduced permits helps this year.


Congratulations to all those successful and am looking forward to the stories.

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I helped my buddy and his wife fill their first cow tags last year on the early cow hunt. I hadnt hunted the unit for years and i could not believe how much it had changed. It took us until the 3rd morning to find our first herd. They both managed to fill their tags out of that herd. I refused to hunt on the Big Bo, for my own reasons so that limited the area we hunted. There was one monster bull, 4 small 6x6's and 5 or 6 spikes along with about 20 cows in the herd we found. Was cool to watch them fill their first tags. I will be hunting bulls in unit 8 late rifle this year. Good luck to you.


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