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Late December Tagged out!

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After waiting 8 years to pull a late December tag, I finally got my opportunity to harvest a good (First) Coues buck in the rut. Knowing that even though it was the prime hunting season in Arizona for Coues, the unit I got drawn for got pounded by those 950 early season tag holders. After countless scouting trips I was able to locate good bucks by getting off the roads and putting the miles on the boots.


Opening day was rough in the morning, only seeing 2 does at 2PM! I was still hunting a canyon when i bumped a small buck which I elected to pass. Later that day i glassed a bigger buck, but still was not the quality I was looking for, especially on the first day. Little did I know that this hunt would not be like the hunts I've helped on years past. The next 2 weeks I spent bumping into what seemed to be like the other 50 tag holders and little to no deer movement or signs of the rut. I spent day after day glassing till i could not glass anymore, turning up doe after doe, with no bucks not even the little guys.


On the 27th, I woke up at 5:00 AM and laid in bed, sore, head pounding, and my eyes still hurting from the day before. I decided to get some rest and I'd try my luck only hunting the afternoon. I left my house at 12:00 PM reaching my spot around 1:40 PM. I gathered my gear, and started the hike into the canyon I saw the 2 bucks opening day. 200 yards into my hike I was taking a short break as the hill was straight up and happen to catch movement to my right. I pulled up my binos and immediately saw it was a solid buck (and the only buck I've seen in 14 days). I loaded the gun, set up the shooting sticks and ranged him at 358 yards. At this point, I'm shaking and buck fever was in full force. I let the first round go, missing just over his back. After a brief gathering of my breathing I sent the second shot, finding its mark.


I must say this hunt tested me physically and emotionally and its a hunt I will never forget! I couldn't be happier for my first Coues buck.









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Nice buck for your first! Way to stick with it. I like the license plate.

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Outstanding! Nice buck and way to get it done.

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