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Viking Epic pop up trailer

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I have finally decided to switch to a wall tent of some sort so I am going to sell my pop up trailer. The trailer is an 04 and I have had it since 06. I bought it off an older couple that used it for a road trip one summer. It has been kept in my garage almost the entire time I have had it. I have had all of the maintenance done on the trailer including a new inverter just this last week. I had the wheel bearings repacked a couple years ago. It has a brand new battery too. There was one small tear in the canvas that I had patched in one of the front corners. I am looking to get $2100 for it OBO. I can be reached at 480-294-567three.







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Interested but need some info: Length of trailer as shown in your first photo, could use a couple more inside photos, is there a stove and sink inside the trailer? I assume the trailer is in Mesa.


Thank you

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I am in east Mesa. The closed length is right at 12'. It has a stove that can be used inside or on the outside as it is in the 2nd picture. The sink is toward the back of the trailer (picture 4) and is the pump style faucet. It has a 16 gallon water storage tank under one of the bench seats.

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