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Bulls and more Bulls

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Had this camera out for two weeks, set it up on a major trail and was just curios to see what kind of critters were using the trail which was always full of elk and deer sign.














1247 pictures the first night we put the camera up, then a couple of deer pictures the next day, but then three consecutive nights with no day pictures in between!

Question is, why no day pictures, I always have day pictures of shadows moving and branches blowing or something but nothing at all during the day?


Filled up the 2GB card in 7 days, bulls galore, of course repeat visitors but still lots of fun to see and dang.....I missed a week of growth!!!

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I have a few troubleshooting ideas for your camera not taking pics for 3 days. Send me the coordinates I'll go check it out for you. Nice looking bulls.

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Looks in sounds like a spot I had up north ! Sadly my luck ran out in some tool found it and took my set up! I'm gonna head back up this year just to get some good pics !!

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That's some good growth for this early. Just got a handful of cameras in the mail today. Looks like I'll be heading up this week.

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