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Stolen!! Bowtech btx-31

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Hey y'all, I'd appreciate it if y'all kept your eyes out for my stuff. All of my hunting gear got stolen this weekend. I'm in the Camp Pendleton, Ca area so I know it far fetched but I'd appreciate any help from anyone who notices anything for sale from out here.

What was stolen: my btx-31 in kryptek highlander camo equipped with a trophy ridge react pro 7 sight, trophy ridge revolution reat, tight spot quiver, and bee stinger stabilizer. Plano all weather case, rangefinder, bindo's and spotter all made by pursuit, slumberjack bounty 2.0 pack, wild game innovations trail cam, kryptek pants, Sherpa hoodie, beanie and gloves, Columbia boots, and a Canon SX500 digital camera. There are several other items but I feel like these would be the most common to show up in the classifieds Or Craigslist

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THIEVES SUCK. they should cut off hands for stealing people's stuff

I've been in a few countries like that they even put people to death if they use a gun in a crime. Sometimes I think maybe some of those things are good ideas, sounds like a pretty good deterrent

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