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NM Barbary Sheep

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Sitting here waiting for the NM results to come out has me going crazy, thought I'd share a few pics of our first "sheep" hunt. I drew a couple tags in NM last season, but was super excited about hunting barbary for the first time. Unfortunately its a little ways away, and of course as things go, I only managed one scouting trip. Luckily that scouting trip went great, and me and my buddy were able to glass up multiple groups of sheep, and some good looking rams. The hunt came before we knew it, so me, my dad, and grandpa loaded up the trucks and left Thursday after work for sheep country. Getting in late that night, we slept as good as we could in the cold, howling wind. That morning found us glassing some awesome country, but no sheep spotted. We spent the next day and a half maneuvering around other hunters and trying to find some sheep that were not already being shot at. We later ran into a super nice couple that had harvested a great ram, and they gave us some pointers on where to look and how to best hunt these animals. That afternoon, me and my dad hiked back into a far canyon where we thought we could get away from other hunters. Just as we got there, I glassed up two rams on the far ridge. After closing the gap a little more, we found them again and I set up for a shot at around 500 yards. The first shot felt great, but was a miss. Still not sure what happened, whether it was the wind or I just pulled it. Luckily they ran to our left and even with a little too much adrenaline, I was able to connect. As we climbed to find our ram, we found him wedged between some giant boulders. The country these things live in is amazing, and they can cover ground in 10 seconds that takes us hours to cross. He's not a giant ram, but I couldn't of been happier to kill one and now can't wait to hunt them in the future.

How we found him in the rocks



My first barbary.



The packout was probably the most memorable part of the whole trip, coming down those cliffs in the dark was probably not the smartest thing in the world, but we eventually made it back to the truck around midnight and ended a hunt that I'll never forget.




Here's a short video of the hunt for those interested:

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Awesome! Thanks for a good post about hunting.

I'd like to hunt those critters one day.

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Wow congrats

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