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Red Rabbit

New Years at Canyon de Chelly

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With a fresh coat of snow across Arizona on New Year's Day, I decided to head east from Flagstaff to Canyon de Chelly as I envisioned Spider Rock rising above the snow covered canyon.  It was cold sleeping in the back of the truck at -3F that night and standing on the rim in the morning, but the view was warmth for a photographer's soul.  


The barren tree against the snow really captured my eye.

This is quite different from the fall when the cottonwoods are a river of yellow.

A Navajo tale has it that the top of Spider Rock is white from the bones of the bad Navajo children whom Spider Woman has eaten.

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Absolutely fascinating view for those of us not native to Arizona. Quite a dichotomy for us. Thanks.

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Great place that few I know have seen, lucky enough to have taken mules on a 9 hour ride through the canyon. Life altering. 

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