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  1. nw07heavy

    270 Sections of State Land SOLD!

    Well it looks like the state (AZ) needed much more money for funding its schools. Apparently the bond measures did not bring in enough money. I read that the schools accountability regarding directing funds has been very poor here, hence the need for more funding. I had hoped the state would have kept its taxes down, and they did, but unfortunately like most states that do not have high enough tax levels, this is about the only easy thing to do. Sigh, there goes more close in dove hunting.
  2. nw07heavy

    New Mexico cow hunt

    Nice elk, and nice work on your NM tactics.
  3. nw07heavy

    Bubba Shot a Bull

    That's a super bull you have. Great job, and congratulations!
  4. nw07heavy

    Vaccine Trial

    Ok, you've whetted my thirst. I'm heading for my bottle of VSOP Cognac. Great move, by the way! P.S. Hope you're doing better.
  5. nw07heavy

    Vaccine Trial

    Just a question: Did you receive the vaccine injection or is this both a vaccine and placebo injection for two groups? If you received the vaccine please let us know how it works after you build up your immunity, and subject yourself to the general public. Thanks
  6. nw07heavy

    West coast fires

    Climate is atmospheric phenomenon and characteristics, measured and averaged out a span of 30 years (and can be much longer). Weather is what we experience for each day and on a daily basis does not demonstrate climate change, regardless of how high or how low a temperature reading you see on a given day. Weather is not climate. Thinking this way misses the entire point regarding climate change, Climate change is not a measure of what we do on a finitely short period of one, two, or even dozens of human lifetimes. The earth is too large for this change to happen in our individual short lifespans. If we think that our very short term perception of actions and consequences we are overlooking the significance and reality of the situation. Our CO2 concern is that of the dramatic increase of 800,000 years. Unfortunately we are reacting to what we perceive as only an insignificant length of time (of our life span), and can't see or plan beyond this duration. We think that all the data mean nothing. The similar result of our perception of the Covid-19 pandemic 'shelter in place' actions demonstrated this. After what we thought was a long enough behavior, for something we could not see (a virus), and that this procedure effectively reduced contagion, most countries and people stopped their 'shelter in place' action. This has led to the spread of the pandemic to tremendous numbers. We cannot see any of the greenhouse gasses like CO2, and our human behavior, in spite of the more pertinent and accurate data, is the same. Like those who contract Covid-19, we are all free to make these choices.
  7. nw07heavy

    West coast fires

    Naw, no panic, until we reach the point no return, just stuff to mull over while reloading ammo on a quiet day. The amount of auto emissions is not derived at by measuring all motor vehicles everywhere. We can take one, or a few, measure the emissions amount from those and calculate for the number of estimated motor vehicles everywhere, based on government vehicle registrations. Ditto moo cows, etc. The amount of greenhouse gasses need to remain at or around what they have been for the approximately 800,000 years previously, measured in parts per million (ppm). Here's something which can illustrate where we have been over the past 800,000 years, then reaching the heavily industrialized levels of 1950, and then the worrisome level we reached in 2020. Just follow the ppm level line from left to right. You'll notice the slight ups and downs of CO2 but all in all it has been quite constant, and good for the earth until 1950. This spike is not my truck or your truck which is spiking CO2, but the entire realm of energy source usage for all we do, and heavy industrial anthropogenic activity. This greenhouse effect creates increased flammability due to dryness, drought, famine, extreme weather, expensive extreme weather damage, and is already causing low level flooding, among other things. Global warming does not ignite fires like people do, but the high heat accompanying it does make any fires spread faster and burn hotter. This is what we need to fix, all of us, everywhere. Now, how it gets done will be by governmental action, but only by governments that recognize they have a lot to lose if they do not (and people mobilizing who can recognize what it will mean to their grandchildren and further generations). This has been a learning experience for us, and like anything else we learn and revise our solutions along the way. This is science. Greed and ignorance can and do cause resistance to remedies, but I suspect that certain soon encroaching imminent death for all, when the time comes, may make a better motivator. The problem is once we get past the point of no return, and how far we want to push a bad situation. We'll see. If this don't roust the chickens at midnight I don't know what will. They'll probably want to don their oxygen masks. This graph, based on the comparison of atmospheric samples contained in ice cores and more recent direct measurements, provides evidence that atmospheric CO2 has increased since the Industrial Revolution. (Credit: Luthi, D., et al.. 2008; Etheridge, D.M., et al. 2010; Vostok ice core data/J.R. Petit et al.; NOAA Mauna Loa CO2 record.)
  8. nw07heavy

    West coast fires

    You may have a good idea here. How would you control humans? What would you allow them to do? What would you not allow them to do? Would these controls be restricted to individuals, or would some or all governments need to adhere to these regulations you may propose? Would these proposals effectiveness be quantified by qualified scientific means? Once you determined the causes of the greenhouse gasses, would you really actually work to reduce them? If the concept of global climate change is too deep for a socialist's (human's) mind, they would likely be too deep for a democrat's (human's) mind, a republican's (human's) mind, a centrist's (human's) a communist's (human's) mind, an anarchist's (human's) mind, or dictator's (human's) mind? You may have a point here. the concept is likely too deep for all the previous minds, which is a definite problem for our survival. If we need to control people's actions what activities would be addressed, modes of transportation, means of power generation for transportation and utility use, means of agriculture as far as types and methods, and city, industrial, and commercial planning, materials allowed to be manufactured to reduce the environmental footprint etc. If the demand for maintaining civilization at the level we are used to, but realizing what is called 'earth's carrying capacity', what would you do about our fast growing population, expected to reach it's maximum of 10.9 billion by the end of this century? Should we limit it to a 'reasonable' level. The following is a little data regarding earth's carrying capacity: This is a little unsettling considering that as of September 2017, the global population sits at 7.5 billion, and is continuing to grow by around 80 million people per year. But whether we have 500 million people or one trillion, we still have only one planet, which has a finite level of resources. Considering our population will continue to rise for some time, how do we accommodate everyone? The answer comes back to resource consumption. People around the world consume resources differently and unevenly. An average middle-class American consumes 3.3 times the subsistence level of food and almost 250 times the subsistence level of clean water. So if everyone on Earth lived like a middle class American, then the planet might have a carrying capacity of around 2 billion. However, if people only consumed what they actually needed, then the Earth could potentially support a much higher figure. But we need to consider not just quantity but also quality—Earth might be able to theoretically support over one trillion people, but what would their quality of life be like? Would they be scraping by on the bare minimum of allocated resources, or would they have the opportunity to lead an enjoyable and full life? Perhaps Ghandi was right when he said ‘The world has enough for everyone's need, but not enough for everyone's greed’. Considering that people in developed, westernised countries are not only the highest consumers of all resources, but also the largest producers of waste, it might be time to take stock of our own consumption patterns, and consider what part we can play in ensuring a healthy future not only for Earth, but everyone on it. We already know auto emissions, livestock methane emissions, agricultural pesticide runoff, antibiotic excesses, and our general current processes to maintain our modern lifestyles are the causes of greenhouse gas excesses. It may be like blaming guns for killing people which is false. I've never heard of any gun hurting any person, unless a careless or aggressive human uses a gun to hurt people.
  9. nw07heavy

    West coast fires

    You're so correct? The mastodons started becoming extinct about 10,000 years ago (after the end of the last 'little ice age') and likely for either or both these reasons: !) Anthropogenic utilization of the species and environmental warming that was too fast for the species to adapt to it, and or 2) An onset of TB that when combined with other factors precluded their survival as a viable species. Didn't know they froze to death.
  10. nw07heavy

    West coast fires

    Sadly, many of the high elevation cable car stations and other buildings that were once in the Swiss alpine elevations have their permafrost base foundations melting and moving, and have needed supplemental anchoring into the mountain structures. Many glaciers all over the world are retreating, as are the polar ice-sheets. If the Gulf Stream, especially the Gulf Stream AMOC shuts down in the future we will really have issues. At least, on the plus side we'll have a new bear sub-species to hunt, the grolar, a cross between the polar bear and the grizzly bear, which speciated around 500,000 BP. These would make nice trophies, with their unique fur color.
  11. nw07heavy

    West coast fires

    Darn, my friends and I were just parroting the typical status quo disbelief in climate change, like most of us typically do, when I came across NASA's fact website: https://climate.nasa.gov/evidence/ I just saw their facts page and saw this very accurate and absolutely indisputable graph of atmospheric CO2. The totally mind blowing anthropogenic rise in CO2 at 1950 from 300 ppm to 2020's nearly 420 ppm made us shut up. Bear in mind this graph accurately displays the CO2 atmospheric levels from 800,000 BP to today, showing naturally occurring small increases and decreases over the eons, and it's consistent level from 800,000 BP to just before present levels (not our lifetimes nor extended family lifetimes) is indicative of how very consistent this greenhouse gas has been, until the advent of anthropogenically derived (evidence based, not anecdotal evidence) addition of CO2. We would suspect the warming temperatures, drying of the air and soil, as well as the drying of combustible plant lignin, leaves, roots, etc., rainfall patterns and subsequent droughts in places, wind temperatures and velocities, stronger thunderstorms ans accompanying lightning, etc. cause an increase in flammability. Guess I'll have to make a smaller campfire whenever it's legal to have one camping or hunting.
  12. nw07heavy

    Outdoor Writer - Best Wishes with Medical

    Outdoor Writer, Sir I wish you the very best as to your diagnosis and treatment. If I may, given time, you might want a second or third opinion on your situation, in case another prominent and experienced specialist has a treatment modality demonstrating better efficacy. I hope you are better soon and get back to normal. Again best wishes.
  13. I was wondering if anyone here has any load data for a 250 grain bullet in the .375 Ruger. Just picked up a new Ruger African and am starting to reload. I have the Sierra and Hodgdon Load data, but interested in loads/powders not listed. Understand safety requirements. Will crosscheck any published data. I have seen the one other Ruger .375 posting here. Thanks
  14. nw07heavy

    Sycamore canyon

    PM sent