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  1. nw07heavy

    Shoulder dents?

    Some of my cases, in Redding dies, would dent with just a tiny bit too much liquid lube. When I switched to a dry graphite dry lube the problem was eliminated. Just a suggestion.
  2. nw07heavy


    KEH128, I sent you a PM.
  3. nw07heavy

    Wyoming Adventure

    I've got three preference points for WY antelope this year, and am thinking of an antelope buck and doe hunt. Toss up between a trespass permit hunt or fully guided hunt at this time. Had a great 2015 buck and doe hunt and anxious to get back to a great antelope state. Nice work on your antelope!
  4. nw07heavy

    New Years at Canyon de Chelly

    Absolutely fascinating view for those of us not native to Arizona. Quite a dichotomy for us. Thanks.
  5. nw07heavy

    2018 trip to Europe, photo heavy

    Many times, when taking photos of unique places, I remembered your CWT posts and thought of what you could do with the wonderful ongoing tapestries around the world. The feeling contained in your images of nature and the 'States embody both art and natural beauty.
  6. Rummaging through this year’s photos and came across this year's Europe photos. We spent bit of time in Europe this year, so here are just a few photos of the sights and towns we took in for those interested. First stop was in L’Isle-sur-la-sorgue, Fr which was a fortified town in the 12th century. It is known for it’s labyrinth of river canals, which provided mill power for industry. Gordes, Fr is a fortressed town in the Luberon Mountains, near the Rhone River in southern France. Abbey Notre-Dame de Senanque, Fr, a monastery built in the 11th century, also in the Luberon Hills near Gordes. Rousillion, Fr, once capitol of the ochre dye industry, in Provence, now a quiet hillside town. Oppede le Vieux, Fr, home to a medieval castle and the papacy in the 13th century. Once abandoned, but now making a comeback as buildings are being restored. Cochem, De, situated on the Moselle River, was first settled during the Celtic and Roman epochs. It became a town in 1332 and put up its fortifications then. Cochem is now in the Moselle River’s wine growing area, known for its white wines. It is home to Cochem Castle. This area is a famous wine growing area in Germany. It is also a much more quaint and less busy area than the Rhine. Beilstein, De, just a short distance up the Moselle River by ferry, was first settled in 800 AD. It’s castle history turned with the French forces overrunning it, and in 1794 the French Revolutionary Forces took over the region. The ruins of the castle stand on the hill top. It was destroyed during the Nine Years War by the French Army in 1689. Burg Eltz, De, near Cochem, a family dwelling begun in the 9th century as a small manor, became a formidable castle. It occupied an important place along the trade route between the Moselle Valley and the Eifle region. The castle withstood a multiyear siege, and has never fallen to invaders. Due to careful negotiations, the family was able to hold onto it throughout WW2. Rothenburg, De, in what was once separate Franconia, now Bavaria, is known for the medieval town and architecture. Foundations began around 950 AD. It is located along the Tauber River Valley. Dinklesbuhl, De, not far from Rothenburg, is another medieval fortified town founded about 1351 AD. It surrendered to the Swedish Army in 1632 but was spared. Appenzell, Switzerland (Ch), is the most conservative Swiss canton, mountainous, and is located in eastern Switzerland. Gimmelwald, Ch, is a remote Swiss village located high above the Lauterbrunnen Valley. It is a pedestrian town accessible by cable car. Oberammergau, De, is known for its woodcarving and rustic environment. It is located near King Ludwig's Neuschanstein and Linderhoff Castles. Marienplatz, Munich’s central square, contained the city’s town hall. Today it is a central visiting place for tourists. Nearby the Hofbrauhause am Platzl, built in 1589 by Bavarian Duke Maximillian and has become the most famous brew house in the world. This is not far from the Oktoberfest event grounds. Also nearby is Odeon Platz. Greenland, and a view of its ice sheet, just south of Uvtorsiutit. Appearance is similar to the ice age coverage on northern continental land masses. The only exposed land is near the oceans. The balance is covered under a solid sheet of ice, but is currently thinning. Newfoundland, near Torngat Mountains National Park, whose land mass is scoured by the tracks of glaciers now long since retreated.
  7. nw07heavy

    MY First Bull

    Very nice bull. Congratulations.
  8. nw07heavy

    Nosler LRAB

    Something that may help you, if you're using a ballistics calculator of some type, is this LRAB B/C chart, which takes into consideration the rifle barrel twist rate. The chart showing tested B/Cs is from Applied Ballistics Litz, and the twist rate recommendation is from Nosler. There are a few significant B/C differences. Nosler LR AB BCs.docx Nosler LR AB Twist Recommendations.docx
  9. nw07heavy

    Muzzy Bull

    Very nice work, and congratulations on a great bull.
  10. nw07heavy

    Harvested nice cow elk

    Sounds good, just let me know, or PM me, when you want to. If you'd like I'll also bring the TRG-42 in .338 Lapua and we can bang away at Usery.
  11. nw07heavy

    Harvested nice cow elk

    Great. Now that I'm an old retired guy we can fit that in. I'll bring my HD Past shoulder pad. .375 H&H's are never boring, for they have a long and wonderful history, and functionality.
  12. nw07heavy

    Harvested nice cow elk

    I never use factory ammo, unless I need to just buy them for the brass, because I always reload. My 400 grain partition loads work out to about just under $38.00 for 20 quantity. The 340 grain Cutting Edge 340 grain MTH (.780 G1 bc) bullets work out to about the same price, as I wait for CE sales. The 400 grain partition, for my typical hunting area meteorological (23.7 Hg, 65F, 50% humid, 10 mph wind at 90 deg). Rifle sighted in 2.6" high at 100 yds is: muzzle 2,671 fps (best accuracy load) 6,336 ftlbs; 200 yds vel 2,390 ftsec, energy 5,071 ftlbs, 1.8" high, 2.3" windage; 300 yds 2,255 ftsec, 4,518 fttbs, 5.1" low, 5.3" windage; 400 yds 2,126 ftsec, 4,012 ftlbs, 18.9" low, 9.6" windage. If I need much greater penetration I also have some Swift 400 gr A-Frames loaded up, for much bigger animals. The 340 grain Cutting Edge MTH (BC G1 .780/G7 .391) same meteorological conditions: muzzle 2,945 fps (best accuracy load) 6,547 ftlbs; 200 yds vel 2,795 fps, 5,899 ftlbs, 2.5" high, 1.0" windage; 300 yds 2,722 ftsec, 5,594 ftlbs, 1.8" low, 2.2" windage, 400 yds 2,650 ftsec, 5,301 ftlbs, 10.8" low, 3.9" windage; 500 yds 2,579 fps, 5,020 ftlbs, 24.7" low, 6.2" windage; and for just grins in case someone wanted to configure for a bit longer range with capable rifle and mil/mil scope; 1,000 yds 2,238 fps vel, 3,782 ftlbs energy, 5.0 mils low, 0.7 mils windage; 1,500 yds 1,923fps vel, 2,792 ftlb energy, 9.4 mils drop, 1.2 mils windage; 2,000 yds 1,634 ftsec velocity, 2,015 ftlbs energy, 14.9 mils drop, 1.7 mils windage. (Mach is 1,122 fps or so rough avg at 65F so this bullet is still supersonic and doesn't need to transition to subsonic until a distance after this, not that we would ever shoot this far, but the MTH bullet performance is evident, and no jump, spindrift or coriolis effect, etc. are included. (This is just a very rough calc.) An aside the MTH will begin expansion to some degree down to 1,600 fps. The MTH has allowed much greater versatility in the larger .416's, as you can see compared to a typical .416 hunting bullet. After I got off active duty and into the Army Reserves in 1973, I picked up a new, very light and compact Ruger .44 Mag semi-auto carbine. I loved that rifle for deer hunting in the deep western Washington brush and did quite well with it. Your far superior .444 is light years ahead of that little carbine. You've got a very nice rifle and caliber. Speaking of lead and hard cast .44 bullets, I've been using the SSK 320 grain hardcast (sized .430") in my 8 inch Anaconda, at 1,419 fps. This type of bullet is really a great addition to the jacketed. Thanks for the congrats, that elk is really providing some great meals.
  13. nw07heavy

    Harvested nice cow elk

    Thanks. The 1895 Marlin looks like a great lever action classic.
  14. nw07heavy

    Harvested nice cow elk

    You've now got me interested. What are you shooting and what are your loads. I've never had a lever gun. Sorry to digress.
  15. nw07heavy

    Switzerland Alpine Ibex makes 20!

    Great ibex, and congratulations. We've been in the alps several times and have seen ibex and chamois, but to have a chance to hunt one is fantastic. Boy, many of the Swiss massifs are abruptly steep. Nice photos, and now I miss the place.