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  1. nw07heavy

    Which scope?

    Lance is right about the lower power 3-3.5X minimum power scopes. I've been with buddies hunting thickets with a 5-6X min power scope, only to have them not be able to acquire a moving target at close range. A 3-3.5 x minimum will allow you to get on target fast at closer ranges, although many buyers today are going for the 5-6X minimum higher power scopes. Typically 1x per hundred yards max is nominally appropriate for most hunting/sniping applications.
  2. nw07heavy

    Late rifle coues

    Very nice bucks, congratulations.
  3. nw07heavy

    My First AZ Black Bear

    Great bear! Congrats.
  4. nw07heavy

    Success in Wyoming

    PRDATR and CatfishKev, Seriously, for antelope you can't beat Wyoming. Yes, I too prefer antelope over other game, so I know what you mean. PRDATR, PM sent.
  5. nw07heavy

    Success in Wyoming

    PRDATR, I hope you make WY because I've never seen a state as full of game, from deer to antelope. If you can, try to make the earliest hunt you can due to the late season storms. Best of luck to you in the draw. Next year I hope to draw another cow elk tag here in AZ.
  6. nw07heavy

    Success in Wyoming

    Just returned home from an antelope buck and doe hunt in Wyoming. Tagged out on both the buck and doe very early in the morning, on a very easy hunt. The strong snow storms with 30-60 mph winds were a real issue going up to Wyoming, and then the day of the hunt and afterwards. After bagging the antelope we had to very quickly dress them, get back to the hotel. and depart without delay. We had another strong snow storm entering NW Wyoming and winds were at 30 mph with 60 mph recorded in some areas. Some highways were closed to tall vehicles after many overturned. We didn't clear the storm until reaching Grand Junction, CO. I didn't take any photos in the field, but here are two of the buck taken at home.
  7. nw07heavy

    Unit 10 my beautiful blessing

    Beautiful buck, and nice job on the hunt. Congratulations.
  8. nw07heavy

    Wyoming Antelope

    Nice antelope, and congratulations.
  9. nw07heavy

    First timer hunting in 36B

    LVREHunter, PM sent
  10. .270 Win 24" bbl, 130gr @ 3,165 fps, .375" 100yd groups. $263.00 XPR w/$100.00 3-9X scope = cheap fun hunter.
  11. nw07heavy

    P38 Buck

    Super buck. Congratulations.
  12. Clamp-ons have proven quite effective for me and several shooting friends. It would be great if all rifles came with brake/suppressor threading, but sadly this isn't so. Clamp on brakes are about the only option if you have a rifle with typical inadequate barrel muzzle thickness (this is a very common problem on factory rifles), because threading a typically overly thin factory barrel muzzle may likely induce structural failure, something best avoided. Another feature is that you can remove it easily, if needed. There is a lot of info on the web for suggested barrel muzzle minimum thickness, so you may want to look at this.
  13. nw07heavy

    Wyoming Archery Antelope Semi Live Hunt

    Great job and congratulations.
  14. nw07heavy

    Wyoming Archery Antelope Semi Live Hunt

    Big Browns, The very best of luck to you on your upcoming hunt. I'll be heading up to Wyoming also, but for an October rifle hunt for an antelope buck and doe.
  15. nw07heavy

    Shoulder dents?

    Some of my cases, in Redding dies, would dent with just a tiny bit too much liquid lube. When I switched to a dry graphite dry lube the problem was eliminated. Just a suggestion.