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Ernesto C

Please Help!

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Hi everyone, I'm trying to help my friend son to get his first javelina. Steven is 12 years old. He got the Super Rafle Javalina Tag. I send my friend Matt  and his son Steven to 36C to hunt some areas I know always hold javelina but..Matt called me earlier and told me it will not be possible to hunt those areas becasue King Anvil Ranch is closed for the summer.

Matt and Steven headed down south towards Sasabe and hunted this evening northwest from Sasabe but he couldn't locate any javelinas for his kid to shoot. Becuase of work I can't go with them and help with their hunt but I will be there Lord willing on Saturday and Sunday to help..

My questions is..does any of you have been down in 36C latety and saw any javelina that can tell us where they can go and look tomorrow or this coming weekend?


Ernesto C.

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Isn't that super raffle tag good for almost any unit? What other units might they be interested in?

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Yes correct any unit. But that's the only unit I hunt for javelina and know some really good spots but king Anvil ranch  is closed..do you know any areas around Tucson or a unit where we can find them? Thanks 

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