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Hi everyone! I'm just checking in to say hi. I'm a new hunter starting a few decades after most people do, and after quail 2 seasons ago, I bought an Accura V2 LR  and did the hunters ed and drew a 36A tag this year.

I've read a ton online, about a dozen books, listened to podcasts and watched Youtube psyching myself up for this season. I've been hoofing it routinely in the area I think I want to be in 36A. I've driven the quite a few of the dirt tracks and have a ton of questions, a few concerns for my first hunt.

So before I launch in to all of those, wanted to quickly say hello!

Excited for October!


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5 hours ago, azbirdhunter88 said:

How did you do? 

It was awesome! I didn't tag a buck, but   learned a ton, had a blast, and saw things I've never seen before.

A forum member here had the same hunt and so I got to ask him a ton of questions and chatted in the afternoons which was a huge relief since I was out there solo. 

I had patterned a group of bucks all the way up until the hunt, found my plan and plan B, and then at 4a on opening morning when I was walking to my spot I got flashlighted by a Hunter that beat me to the spot. I was too far away to make it to plan b before first light so hiked into the unknown and found a spot to glad from. At sunrise I saw how many hunters were inn this area and so pushed around to a different hill and set up. 

I had not planned for pressure, I can't believe I'd thought I'd be in my area alone, but in the 20 times Id been out there, I hadn't seen a single person. Also hadn't planned for the wind the last couple of days and the cows. 

It took a couple days to find the bucks again, and a few more to find a way to reach them. My best  chance at a stalk ended up empty handed.

The most sobering moment was walking a trail and coming across a literally streaming cat scat. Cameras near by suggest it was this guy.

I chatted with one group who had taken 5 bucks between them (8 hunters) total with a couple days to go.

Last day I got to watch the most amazing sunset.

Ended up buying a bow about 3 weeks later and bought my 2020 OTC tag and a HAM javelina.

Probably the best week in the outdoors I've ever had, and I can't wait for next October to do it all again!


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