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TRADEDTaurus M66 (old version)

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TRADED-Thanks mulie hunter!!


Old (early 90’s) 4” .357 Taurus 66. They were modeled on the S&W model 19 K-frames considered by most to be much better than the later Taurus M66 7-shot models, on par with the Smiths for trigger smoothness and accuracy. There is some holster wear on the barrel.  I’ve really enjoyed it, but am not a revo guy at heart. It has Pachmyr combat grips on it, and I have the original square bottom wood stocks around here somewhere.

The pictured chest holster is a replica USGI M3, that I custom stretched to fit the Taurus and has been great for hunting for me (works well with bino harness and ruck). I also have a leather belt holster, and a couple of speedloaders.
I’m looking to trade it for a hunting bow setup. I’d prefer 60-70# adjustable draw weight (had shoulder sx a few years ago and will need to work up, adjustable draw length would be good (rule of thumb tells me I need 29”, but I’ve never been fit), string/cables in good shape, sight, rest, stab, 32” min ATA, 10yr old max. Release, arrows, case would be a plus.
Basically the whole huntable starter kit...
only other trade interest would be Vortex Viper 12x50HD’s or Savage Axis 7-08
not interested in selling outright.




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$350 trade value with the pachmyr’s and and leather.

I’ve got some bullets/dies/brass if the offerer is a reloaded to bring trade value up some to a reloader.

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