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Back surgery is here so prayers welcomed :)

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On 2/18/2020 at 2:06 PM, PRDATR said:

How are you doing Mike, getting better?

I was transferred to a hardcore pt/ot rehab facility where I have to do 3 hours therapy a day. My arthritis always makes everything harder to recover from but the added mess of a bad nursing staff at prior hospital and some gut issues really set me back. 

I can honestly say Encompass Health is the absolute best place I have ever been and I feel when they release me I will be better ready for home than I have ever been sent home post op. The whole staff here works as a team, heck they find you wherever you are to give you meds or do sugar check etc THEY WILL FIND YOU L.O.L

If I have a 7 am pt they will wake me at 6 to get meds on board so I can have successful therapy session 👍👍👍 

I am at 67th av and Thunderbird I think they have 3 locations and they deal with everything here so keep it in mind if you or a realative needs any kind of intense rehab and a nursing facility is not enough. I give this place a A+++

Had to crop those lovely love handles outta pic but staples are 8-10".

BTW the main nerve pain we went after has been alleviated. :) for years ever step was like driving a knife into my femur (we thought it was all my hip surgeries and replacements) if I stood on just my right leg it felt as if that knife went all the way into knee and once I took weight off leg it was even worse as if you twisted the knife and was pulling out slowly. :( I am praising God and thankful for some pain relief!!! Heck I almost had hip split open last May and a new hip done so thankful God intervened and led me in this direction. 🙏 I'm still gonna have a ton of issues but 1 less pain is so overwhelming I have had a few crys thinking of a future a bit more normal. 🤷‍♂️ luckily the docs understand the emotion is pretty normal after such a bout with long term chronic pain issue especially when Va just kept ignoring it or saying all was fine with my spine. 😡 my thoracic and c spine are similar so pretty sure more to come but for now recovery is #1. 

I know a few of you Gulf War and Sommlia vets can relate!!! 


Thanks for all the prayers, Mike


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