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6mm 6.5mm 30cal 45 cal Bullets

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I have the following available. Located in Tucson and can meet up Wednesday afternoon. If you need them shipped then add $12-$20 depending on weight. If you take the 6mm bundle its $85.00 shipped the 45 is $45 Shipped. The (**) means round count.

6.5mm    120 Barnes TSX BT     (34)      $24.00
6.5     Nosler 142gr. LRX      (30)      $18.00   
6mm       Sierra 80gr SBT        (80)     $22.00
6mm       Sierra 100gr. Spitzer    (66)    $20.00
6mm       Hornady 65gr. Vmax     (70)    $20.00
30       Nosler BT 150gr     (44)    $22.00
30       Nosler Accubond 180     (45)    $36.00
30    Hornady 165gr Interbond (76)    $50.00
30     Barnes LRX BT 200gr.    (40)    $32.00
30    Barnes BT TSX 168gr    (27)    $20.00
30    Barnes Bt TTSX 168gr    (34)    $25.00
45    Hornady FTX 250gr    (45)    $35.00






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7 hours ago, Freakycamo said:

2 nd on bergers.

I know I listed 150 bullets but there are actually 180ish. I pulled 24 off some loads I made up because I was going to try a different powder but never happened.

I sent you the tracking number

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