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Ground control to major TOM

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This Tom won the last race we had with him , but today we came out on top. My pup in the first picture at the tree did phenomenal and Dogs in general kicked butt! Pack out was the best we have ever had and the best part about it is bc777 fines are about paid off. Got to give a shout out to Tyler and my crew for always going hard and making it happen. Thanks guys !4944121F-5480-482C-A4EE-480A80AAF985.thumb.png.64d2d6ac748461cff1a9c1bab3c85319.png0E208F17-6806-4EDB-AAE0-4C958A1A682A.thumb.png.f1797cd802771ed0930adba0ef3f3ace.png96991E0F-8C4E-4AC1-B25B-DC27C1B1C8CA.thumb.png.12078594a7cf441467665036b2541fdb.png4C1CA070-7CA4-47D2-9F73-A674A7C08999.thumb.png.0b0553e7ea4e16e57d2272c12002c807.png04A4D68C-F44A-42E4-96D1-5D7F10D657BB.thumb.png.6a17a57c9373c7c2610ddd06359d47d2.png





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I think your brother should pay his own darn fines, but nice work. Cant wait until I can get a lion. 

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