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  1. AllBoutHuntn

    Sold - Badlands bino case and harness $40

    Ill take it. Pm sent
  2. AllBoutHuntn

    2021 Monster Desert Muley!!!!!!!!

    Great buck! Way to get it done
  3. AllBoutHuntn

    Monday Check in

    Good split with your workouts. Im down 15 lbs and been hitting the gym hard 5-6 days a week. Split my days like this: legs, chest/arms and back/shoulders.
  4. AllBoutHuntn

    Monday Check in

    Man that sucks. Had it a little over a month ago. Stayed in the hospital for a few days because my oxygen dropped to 83. First 4 days I felt great then it hit me. Get yourself a pulse oximeter to track your oxygen. I never had trouble breathing.
  5. AllBoutHuntn

    Dads Buck

    No better way to honor your Dad. Great buck. Sorry for your loss.
  6. AllBoutHuntn

    Card hits??

    Archery Javi for us
  7. AllBoutHuntn

    Monday Check in

    Thanks man. Did legs today and its the strongest Ive felt. Ready to make those gains!!
  8. AllBoutHuntn

    Monday Check in

    3rd week back at the gym since getting COVID. Kicked my butt for 3 weeks. Lost 10lbs of muscle. First week back was tough. Strength was way down and got winded quick. Strength and stamina get better everyday.
  9. AllBoutHuntn

    Got it Done Again - Old and Gnarly

    Id take that buck any day. Great job
  10. AllBoutHuntn

    2021 mule deer

    Great looking buck. Congrats to your son
  11. AllBoutHuntn

    Storage tote ideas for Camp Chef 3 burner stove...

    Would be nice to find a tote with wheels.
  12. AllBoutHuntn

    Sept 2021

    Great Bull, congrats!
  13. AllBoutHuntn

    Storage tote ideas for Camp Chef 3 burner stove...

    Interested in the response here. I have the soft case for my 3 burner but the legs always end up tearing the material.
  14. AllBoutHuntn

    Petition - Stop Paying Influencers

  15. AllBoutHuntn

    2021 AZ archery bull *story added*

    Great bull!! Way to get it done.