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  1. AllBoutHuntn

    Over the counter tags

    I think we also need to have mandatory reporting. Without that the harvest numbers wont be accurate for tag allotment the following year.
  2. AllBoutHuntn

    46A East?

    Way to get it done!! Time to relax and throw back a few cold ones.
  3. AllBoutHuntn

    46A East?

    Man you cant keep us hanging like that
  4. AllBoutHuntn

    24A Success First deer for wife and son.

    Great looking bucks! Way to get it done
  5. AllBoutHuntn

    46A East?

    Keep at it. You guys will get It done. Memories with your Pops is worth all the failures and success you guys will endure.
  6. AllBoutHuntn

    Badlands bino harness for 15’s

    Pm sent
  7. AllBoutHuntn

    Badlands bino harness for 15’s

    Where you located? Ill take it if you are in the eastvalley.
  8. AllBoutHuntn

    Monday Check in

    Heavy three days a week and light the other two. Trying to lean up a bit but still maintain some mass. Not on that Genova level lol
  9. AllBoutHuntn

    Monday Check in

    Ive been constant over the past month. 5 days a week of weight training. Twice a week of cardio
  10. AllBoutHuntn

    Brother In Law’s 2x4

    Congrats! You guys are killing it
  11. AllBoutHuntn

    Poverty tag

    Amazing job! Congrats
  12. AllBoutHuntn

    My dads buck

    Thats a great buck!! Great job
  13. AllBoutHuntn

    Micro Arrows

    Did you buy the tko elites? I was looking at those and the gamers to switch up my arrows.
  14. AllBoutHuntn

    Micro Arrows

    How are the VAP arrows holding up? Do you still like the switch? Any feedback or opinions on them?
  15. AllBoutHuntn

    Poverty tag

    Really enjoy following your journey. Hope you seal the deal with a great bull.