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  1. AllBoutHuntn

    Monday Check in

    Big fan of starting off with hamstrings (leg curls). Definitely helps get the knees going. I follow that up with leg press then do either smith machine squats or hacks.
  2. AllBoutHuntn

    Monday Check in

    Sounds like you are on a roll. Im down 25lbs since September. Been doing inclined walking on the treadmill plus weights.
  3. AllBoutHuntn

    Kuiu Roll Call

    Eddie Bauer guide pro and wrangler outdoor pants are what I switched to. The Eddie Bauer are my favorite.
  4. AllBoutHuntn

    Cabelas Bighorn 3 tent with Vestibule.

    Would you sell the vestibule separate? I have the tent and have been looking into the vestibule.
  5. AllBoutHuntn

    Monday Check in

    So you are saying you are in a bulking phase?
  6. AllBoutHuntn

    Monday Check in

    Good looking meal right there. This week for dinners I did some teriyaki chicken and made fried rice using cauliflower rice.
  7. AllBoutHuntn

    Rossislider is a liar and coward

    If you are going to accuse a man of poaching you better have some hard evidence. So lets see it or make things right.
  8. AllBoutHuntn

    New cables and string $?

    Anybody use timber mesa for new cable and strings? I need a new set for my bow.
  9. AllBoutHuntn

    Monday Check in

    Impressive man. Definitely not that accurate so you are probably lower than that. You are killing it.
  10. AllBoutHuntn

    Monday Check in

    I remember those days of boozing and waling up with a hangover the next day. 7% is lean as heck. Great job getting ripped.
  11. AllBoutHuntn

    Solo hunt rewards

    Thanks for the write up and congrats on a great buck.
  12. AllBoutHuntn

    Monday Check in

    Thats a hardcore binge right there. I have stayed the path over the past four months. Down close to 20lbs and can see a 2pk in my abs.
  13. AllBoutHuntn

    Sold - Badlands bino case and harness $40

    Ill take it. Pm sent
  14. AllBoutHuntn

    2021 Monster Desert Muley!!!!!!!!

    Great buck! Way to get it done
  15. AllBoutHuntn

    Monday Check in

    Good split with your workouts. Im down 15 lbs and been hitting the gym hard 5-6 days a week. Split my days like this: legs, chest/arms and back/shoulders.