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  1. AllBoutHuntn

    Spring draw?

    Archery pig for me
  2. AllBoutHuntn

    Card Hits!

    We got hit for 4 late rifle tags
  3. AllBoutHuntn

    Another poaching story

    Glad they caught those guys. Shame people do this still.
  4. AllBoutHuntn


    Thanks. Looks like I still have a chance.
  5. AllBoutHuntn


    Do you think they are done with leftovers? Mailed my app Saturday and nothing in my portal yet.
  6. AllBoutHuntn

    SOLD- Black Gold Ascent Verdict- SOLD

    Where are you located?
  7. AllBoutHuntn

    Go Vote

    Got it done with no issues.
  8. AllBoutHuntn

    A Good Day

    Nice buck and great shooting!
  9. AllBoutHuntn

    SALE - Model 111 300 win Mag

    How much for the 300 savage?
  10. AllBoutHuntn

    I've been blessed again!

    Stud buck. Congrats
  11. AllBoutHuntn

    Monday Check in

    Looking ripped Trophy. Definitely isnt Genova style right there lol
  12. AllBoutHuntn

    Monday Check in

    Ive been doing the stairmaster lately for 20 min for my cardio to get ready for my October hunt. Definitely feel the burn
  13. AllBoutHuntn

    Monday Check in

    Its all about the diet. Sometimes what we think are healthy foods are not. I did it for years. I’ve had to change my eating due to my A1-c creeping up. I only get carbs from fruits and vegetables. I dont miss the other stuff now that ai’ve done it for 9 months now. Im down 25lbs and feel great.
  14. AllBoutHuntn

    Monday Check in

    Big fan of starting off with hamstrings (leg curls). Definitely helps get the knees going. I follow that up with leg press then do either smith machine squats or hacks.
  15. AllBoutHuntn

    Monday Check in

    Sounds like you are on a roll. Im down 25lbs since September. Been doing inclined walking on the treadmill plus weights.