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This too shall pass...

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Cheers to everyone that’s not on the gouge train, or panic buying and making things worse.

Most everybody is acting like this has never happened before...

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I have seen some really amazing sharing of resources on this site, mostly fair pricing too.  A lot of members of CWT have helped others, who due to multiple reasons, have successful hunts and or get ready for hunts.  

When speaking of gouging, I don't think you can call asking a heap of cash for something that is non-essential.  During a crisis raising the cost of essential goods like water, baby formula, medical supplies, medicine, shelter...... would be considered gouging in my book.  As much as I hate seeing what is going on with ammo, unfortunately I can't seem to call it gouging.  If we quit buying from the people that are jacking the prices up, the prices will come down.  Basic economics.  I have worked in the perishable foods industry for 25+ years.  Markets find their own level.    



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I think we should treat the classified section as intended. If you have an opinion post, take it to another section. 

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