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  1. 4Falls


    Does anyone know, how does SKRE compare to the other high end camo on the market?
  2. 4Falls

    How Die Hard Of A Hunter are you??

    I was once a 7 - 8. Hunted every thing I could for as much time as I could get. Scouted religiously and was out in the field every week even if it was just a half day. Fast forward to now I'm hovering around a .5 - 1. If I have a tag I'm usually able to dedicate a weekend to it maybe three days. I mainly just focus on deer. Scouting is a rarity, I mostly just go somewhere close to the house and wing it. My success rate has tailed off accordingly.
  3. 4Falls

    More trail camera thief's...

    Back when I used to put out cameras, all the ones I had stolen were on water and always stolen during some other season, usually dove. Last one was by an adult and a young child judging by the footprints they left behind.
  4. 4Falls

    Trichinosis In Wild Game - A good read

    Great article! I've just about finished my bear from October and it has been the most delicious game meat. I've made sure to cook it till it reaches 150 degrees internally. I do have a question though, do any of you make jerky from you bear meat and how do you do it? Is the freezing for 60 days adequate?
  5. 4Falls

    Happy Birthday Coach

  6. 4Falls

    When to buy Point Guard

    If i buy it for deer and draw a tag, then kill in August on the archery hunt I can use point guard turn in my tag and then its given to the next person in line?
  7. 4Falls

    Fire restrictions start 4-18-2018

    Its going to be a bad one this year. Everyone please be careful.
  8. 4Falls

    Lady Luck on the Kiabab, bull down 2018

    Congrats a million times you two. Well done.
  9. 4Falls

    Happy BirthDay AZLance

    Have a good one.
  10. So non hunters are still allowed to put cameras at tanks?
  11. 4Falls

    Law Question

    There needs to be more training for LEO's on this issue. I had to help a DPS officer dispatch a small bull on 87 once. He was unaware of where to shoot it, nor did he know what do do regarding a salvage tag. I guided him thru the process and both issues got resolved. It sucks to have something like that just go to waste.
  12. 4Falls

    Elk roast

    Not sure how my wife will feel about me dragging the oxy/acetylene tanks in the house, but from the looks of that roast it may be worth it.
  13. 4Falls

    Looking for cool/fun hunting pics....

    Excited to see the new broadheads. Congrats on the business venture.
  14. 4Falls

    The new G&F Rules

  15. 4Falls

    ATV vs UTV vs 4Runner/Samuri/Etc

    Great off season topic. I have the atv... 2000 model thats been to heck and back. Runs good and covers country fast. I hunt solo so theres no need sor extra seats but still somtimes wish i had the side x side just for the ability to carry a little more gear or a bigger ice chest. A shortbed Toyota would be a great way to go too... I understand the dilemma.