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  1. 4Falls

    Prime Rival SOLD

    Where are you located?
  2. 4Falls

    Hummer H3 Championship-sold

    One of the most under rated 4x4's out there. I wish I could snatch this up.
  3. 4Falls

    Arrow choices....

    Yeah, Its a great bow (Hoyt Vulcan) and fine for hunting, but I've had it since '06 anyway and its time to upgrade. The draw weight is usually fine if I only need to fling an arrow or two as in a typical hunting scenario but years of construction have taken their toll on my shoulders and they are asking for a break. My next bow will most likely be a Prime, and I'd like to be in the 60-65 lb range. Id like to stay with an arrow in the upper 400 grain numbers. But it will depend a lot on how it shoots.
  4. 4Falls

    Arrow choices....

    draw length is 29. 80 lbs.
  5. I will be getting a new bow this spring. Due to shoulder issues I will also be reducing my draw weight by a significant amount so that means the pile of axis 300s I've been shooting for years will be significantly over spined. So, looking at the Easton site this morning and man a lot has changed in arrows lately. What are you guys shooting these days? 340 will probably be my new spine.
  6. 4Falls

    Coues whitetail cape

    Great buck Dennis hope it all goes well tomorrow.
  7. 4Falls

    Coues whitetail cape

    Nice buck Dennis. Were you down there with Goodman?
  8. 4Falls


    heck of a gift.
  9. Ill take it. I sent a message.
  10. 4Falls


    Wow, Some really great and somewhat overwhelming information. Lots to consider.
  11. This spring I'd like to start reloading, what would be the basic equipment for a beginner? I will be reloading for my rifles almost exclusively.
  12. 4Falls


    Does anyone know, how does SKRE compare to the other high end camo on the market?
  13. 4Falls

    How Die Hard Of A Hunter are you??

    I was once a 7 - 8. Hunted every thing I could for as much time as I could get. Scouted religiously and was out in the field every week even if it was just a half day. Fast forward to now I'm hovering around a .5 - 1. If I have a tag I'm usually able to dedicate a weekend to it maybe three days. I mainly just focus on deer. Scouting is a rarity, I mostly just go somewhere close to the house and wing it. My success rate has tailed off accordingly.
  14. 4Falls

    More trail camera thief's...

    Back when I used to put out cameras, all the ones I had stolen were on water and always stolen during some other season, usually dove. Last one was by an adult and a young child judging by the footprints they left behind.
  15. 4Falls

    Trichinosis In Wild Game - A good read

    Great article! I've just about finished my bear from October and it has been the most delicious game meat. I've made sure to cook it till it reaches 150 degrees internally. I do have a question though, do any of you make jerky from you bear meat and how do you do it? Is the freezing for 60 days adequate?