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  1. trp171

    28 Nosler Brass, Dies, Kuiu, Vortex Razor

    If something falls through please let me know I will take the brass. thank you
  2. trp171

    Looking For 28 Nosler Brass

    thanks I will look into that
  3. Looking to buy some brass for 28 Nosler,
  4. trp171

    AZGFD hit my cc

    better stock up on BEERS Wink cause Larrmo is going hunting too
  5. trp171

    Nephews Elk

    Got the official score 368" gonna be a heck of time to top this bull elk for a 12 year old. congrats again Maddox.
  6. trp171

    LH Hoyt CRX 32

    went another direction Thank you
  7. trp171

    LH Hoyt CRX 32

    sounds good need 30" draw. let me know if it can be adjusted.
  8. trp171

    LH Hoyt CRX 32

    Can you adjust the draw length on the bow?
  9. trp171

    Tessa's Bull

    great bull congrats
  10. trp171

    Nephews Elk

    My 12 tear old nephew was able to kill this bull opening day at 710 yards with my 300 win mag. great bull with a tough pack out. Congrats Maddox, and Bart
  11. trp171

    Who is going to 27

    Will be there in the spring also as my 2 boys drew their first Turkey tags!!!!
  12. trp171

    Who is going to 27

    Just wanted to see who's headed to 27 for the late hunts? taking my 12 year old nephew on his first hunt. Good luck to all the late tag holders can't wait to see what happens this year.
  13. trp171

    7 ultra mag

    250 round count for more info please call 480-390-3360
  14. trp171

    7 ultra mag

    7 ultra mag for sale rifle only scope and bi pod not included does come with the 30mm rings on it. has a 28'' Krieger medium barrel with break. Bell and Carlson stock green with black speckle. Also has a Timney trigger.Right now im shooting the 150 gr barnes triple shock bullet its shooting 3418 fps Asking $1000 obo message on here or call/text 480-390-3360 thank you.