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  1. trp171

    Spring draw

    it tells you your tag number But not what hunt you were drawn for.
  2. trp171

    Input wanted - Hunting with a 10 year old

    We saw lots of Bucks one real nice 3x4, had a tough time finding in the scope! still a great hunt with my little girl!!!
  3. trp171

    Input wanted - Hunting with a 10 year old

    We will most likely be camped down the road for the main camp. but plan on stopping in to say hello!
  4. trp171

    Input wanted - Hunting with a 10 year old

    she has a 23 tag!!!!!!!! looking for a good mule deer buck!!
  5. trp171

    Input wanted - Hunting with a 10 year old

    This is a great topic, as this will be the last youth hunt with my kids. My daughter has her last deer tag! she is pumped to get to the woods for this one. I hope to have one of my boys with us along with my wife. looking forward to some great memories. I feel blessed to have a family that supports the hunting life and will keep the hunting tradition alive
  6. trp171

    Reloading Equipment (complete set)

    where are you located?
  7. trp171

    When will the hits start? no thread on this yet?

    got a couple late tags, and maybe my archery tag!!!
  8. trp171

    2018 Late Elk hunt

    Finally found a pic of Joes Bull!!! Not bad for his first elk.. cant wait to see what this year brings. Maybe I will be lucky enough to draw.
  9. trp171

    2018 Late Elk hunt

    Icy roads cold weather, and a blind corner. overall was a great week. Joe also killed a bull I will see if I can find a picture of it.
  10. trp171

    2018 Late Elk hunt

    Had a great week on the late elk hunt, my son Clay killed his 5th bull not bad for an 18 year old. pic 1 My Dad killed his elk on day 5. pic 2 Clays buddy Tanner killed a stud on day 3 not bad for his first elk. pic 3 Thank you to Julio for brining up the Mules to help get Dads bull out. also so killed a "RAM" !!!!!! Blessed to have great Family and Friends in camp. Thanks Daniel, Stevie, Wink, Terry, Bart, Dad, Clay, Tanner, and Joe. Cant wait to do It again.
  11. trp171

    Chases first Elk

    My nephew Chase was up next, made the drive to 3A3C to help him after packing out Sages elk, got him on a cow Friday evening and he made a great shot with the 300 shortmag. Thanks to Clay and Tanner for helping with the pack out.
  12. trp171

    Sages First Elk

    My Daughter Sage drew a unit 22 cow tag and made a great shot wit the 28 Nosler, to take her first big game animal. Blessed to have her big brother Clay there to help get it done.
  13. trp171

    WTB: BTX

    got what your looking for. been thinking of selling it.
  14. trp171

    28 Nosler Brass, Dies, Kuiu, Vortex Razor

    If something falls through please let me know I will take the brass. thank you