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  1. brademan76

    Unit 9 2 tags

    Oh man, knew I couldn't be the only one thinking along these lines, haha!
  2. brademan76

    10-22 Owners with scopes Step Inside

    Thats quite the budget for a hunting/plinking 10/22 optic. Something like this would be more than enough IMO www.cabelas.com/product/BUSHNELL-ENGAGE-CAPPED-TURRETS/2555283.uts
  3. brademan76

    Anyone know who’s set up this is?

    Probably to get ahold of the guy, find out his hunting plans for the spot/area. So he can be courteous and potentially try to coordinate around each other. I've dropped my business card with an note that I'm hunting an area also and to give me a call to share info/coordinate in a couple cameras I've found in pretty remote areas I hunt. Unfortunately no one's ever called 😪
  4. brademan76

    Anyone know who’s set up this is?

    What is going on in that first pic?
  5. brademan76

    Anyone Else Pumped for January Rut Action?!

    Heck yeah! I'll be spending more than a few nights in the Tonto NF hoping to stick a decent buck!
  6. brademan76

    DIY Canoe Layout Blind

    Nice! Any luck on the ducks?
  7. brademan76

    German Shorthaired pointer puppies

  8. brademan76


    Heard the church is making this camo mandatory field apparel for all LDS hunters?
  9. brademan76

    Call it what you want

    Thanks for sharing the write-up and pics. Great buck!
  10. brademan76

    How Die Hard Of A Hunter are you??

    Bob we don't need your life story and age every single post! You've pm'd me saying youre a "good old drunk" so it's not unfounded. It's not about a lack of respect. It's that I have no problem calling things like I see them and with no fear of offending the "godfathers" of this site. Isnt that the reason so many voted for Trump? brademan for POTUS 2020!
  11. brademan76

    Cabela’s changing CC to MasterCard from visa

    It's been with Capital One for over a year now. There is still a call center in NE but most of the calls are taken at other places around the US, prominently Atlanta. Change from Visa to MC will be pretty negligible in the grand scheme. Most places accept MasterCard.
  12. brademan76

    Ghetto birds are swarming

    67th and baseline here! I love flying to other parts of the valley and sh!tting all over the more privileged 😎
  13. brademan76

    Interesting Buck Part 2.....

    That is freaking awesome! Good luck tagging ol' socks! That left side will be interesting to get a good look at. Heck both sides are awesome and all 4 feet!
  14. brademan76

    How Die Hard Of A Hunter are you??

    Exactly what I think every time I read a post signed off with ....................BOB! Bob, we get it, you're 62 (you're the only person I've ever heard who talks about 62 like they're 90) and you live in a van down by the river. You have a habit of completely misconstruing topics/posts when you're posting late at night/early in the am (obviously just sleep deprived). BTW, I'm a 11/10, would hunt again. Also not only do I LOVE craft beer, I boof (sp.) the most artisanal ones.
  15. brademan76

    Hitchhiking Quail

    Looks like a dove. A quail is on its feet and running shortly after hatching, not sticking around a nest.