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  1. high rise hunter

    CO tags

    Nothing here as well. I think that means I'll be coming to AZ in late August to try and fill that deer tag that went unfilled in January.
  2. high rise hunter

    Bad News from NM G&F

    Boy the anticipation is brutal!
  3. high rise hunter

    Midwesterner Heading SW

    20 yards, you can't ask for much closer. I feel like the question then becomes, do you aim below the deer in anticipation of the buck jumping the string? That would be tough to do knowing if that deer just stands there the shot is a low, clean miss.
  4. high rise hunter

    Midwesterner Heading SW

    Very cool video, Speedy! You know that deer is CLOSE when it looks close on a GoPro cam! It definitely fuels the fire to get back down there next season for a shot at redemption.
  5. high rise hunter

    Coues newbie looking for some help

    I just finished my first coues hunt in AZ so I'm far from a pro but would love to throw in my two cents. I mainly hunted unit 33 but also spent a couple of days further north in unit 23. The biggest difference I noticed from where I hunted between the two was the cover. 33 was much more open country where as 23 was thick with manzanita often 8 feet tall. I backpacked 5-6 miles into 23's Sierra Ancha wilderness. I found lots of deer there around 5000 to 5800 feet in elevation. Deer would be out in the open for easy glassing in the morning until 10:30ish then much tougher to find the rest of the day. I'm telling you now, you will be hooked. It's an incredibly fun hunt and I seriously can't wait to get back next season.
  6. high rise hunter

    Midwesterner Heading SW

    Wow! Talk about a close call! Excited to see the footage. Sounds like you're doing the right things especially seeing you're getting to 20 yards. Patience kills. It's only a matter of time. Go get 'em!
  7. high rise hunter

    Southern AZ Weather Expectations

    Went to check a pond that doesnt see anyone almost ever. There have been two buffleheads hanging out there but yesterday there was a cinnamon teal. pretty cool looking duck! No way! I bet that was really neat! I had brought a shotgun with but ended up far too obsessed with the coues that I never did find time to chase that Cinnamon teal. Did you harvest the teal or were just scouting?
  8. high rise hunter

    Southern AZ Weather Expectations

    I want to book to flight and head back down there YESTERDAY for a shot at redemption. I've been thinking a lot about how much fun I had and what a wonderful experience the trip/hunt was. Also, I had my bow with me 99% of the time and somehow it was during that 1% I didn't THAT I was given an opportunity to fill my tag.
  9. high rise hunter

    Midwesterner Heading SW

    Must be the opener. Is that Fishing for Ducks on Lake Mille Lacs? Might not be but sure looks like. My buddies and I participate every year. None of us have ever have caught a fish but had some fun and a little luck in the raffles. It's a huge fundraiser for Ducks Unlimited in the state.
  10. high rise hunter

    Southern AZ Weather Expectations

    Fellas - just got back to the concrete jungle after a kick *ss 6.5 days of running around the AZ desert chasing coues! I didn't fill my tag but had a truly awesome time exploring new territory and learning a new species. I started my hunt backpacking up into Unit 33. Beautiful country, saw lots of deer but I came to find out the weather can switch QUICKLY. Camped on top of the mountain I got destroyed by overnight 40 mph winds and downpour rain. Having gotten zero sleep and my gear (including tent and quilt) soaked I comically had to hike out the next morning. A blessing and a curse I got a hotel room in Tucson to dry out. The next day I hunted off Redington Road and immediately got on a couple of rutting bucks but never eclipsed that 190 yard mark. Having really no game plan at this point I did a complete 180 and decide for my final two days I would explore some new territory up in Unit 23. I backpacked 6 miles into the wilderness there. I found a cool solo bull in total recovery mode and a decent amount of coues deer. I should have filled my tag but a lapse in mental judgement was my downfall. I was glassing and decided I wanted to pop over the top of the hill to look down the other side. I debated if I should bring my bow or not but thought "Eh, if I see something it's likely to be a LONG ways off" so I left my bow with my pack. Of course while walking over to the other side I noticed the top of a deer's back 40 yards in front of me. Having no idea I was there this coues buck feeds to 30 yards standing broadside for 5 minutes before bedding down 25 yards from where I stood. Would have been a chip shot but that's the way it goes! So neat to see one that incredibly close and something I will not forget anytime soon! Well I'm officially hooked and will 100% be back next January or maybe even for a December hunt since I can use the same tag. Thank you everyone for the tips and advice! Joe
  11. Great post Speedy. I'm following along as I'm also flying down from the midwest (tomorrow actually) to chase the grey ghost. FIRED UP!!!! Good luck and please keep us posted how ya do!
  12. high rise hunter

    Southern AZ Weather Expectations

    I'd LOVE to bag a Cinnamon Teal. Besides a big fully plumed ol' drake Canvasback that might be the highest up on my list. I'm part of tiny duck camp out in western Minnesota (Detroit Lakes area) and we do pretty well. We shoot limits every other day. On the other hand, my father in central WI said he didn't even go out this season there were so few ducks migrating though. Tough hunting.
  13. high rise hunter

    Southern AZ Weather Expectations

    muledeerarea33? That would be awesome! DUCK hunting in AZ. That sounds really fun and a bit of time warp! I haven't puddle jumped since I was a kid.
  14. high rise hunter

    Southern AZ Weather Expectations

    That's a great observation about the down compressing more than the synthetic thus providing little warmth factor. The Teton seems to be well reviewed. I've been reading a few other reviews online and the price seems darn reasonable. Speaking of the Pack...not all hope is lost. We should be able to beat Cleveland this weekend with Hundley THEN we get Rodgers back. If he can lead us to three straight victories and close out the season at 10-6 we may be able to sneak into one of those wildcard playoff spots. FINGERS CROSSED!
  15. high rise hunter

    Southern AZ Weather Expectations

    Thank you MUCH for the heads up! I had called the AZ Game and Fish the other day and was told those tags specifically were gone/sold out. Clearly I got the wrong information or it was a case of misinterpretation. Either way, I've overnighting an application today.