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  1. BeardownAZ

    How Die Hard Of A Hunter are you??

    A 12 in my mind and on the internet forums, lol. 3-4 in reality. 5-6 in some good years. I do more single day varmint hunts to get my hunting fix over a longer period of time throughout the year. I'm not dedicated(scouting, spending the money on top notch optics, etc) as I'd like to be. Life just seems so busy all the time. But I'm happy so no complaints.
  2. BeardownAZ

    Where were you?

    On board an aircraft carrier on the east coast
  3. Location and availability ?

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    2. BeardownAZ


      my phone is 651-0284. I don't have it at work but will at 4. text me about then and we can figure a meeting spot. I assume you are a AZ resident and not a felon? Lol. If you got the cash, it will be yours!

    3. rugermack


      I have cash, AZ resident since 1979, and not a felon.

    4. BeardownAZ


      I'll be headed to town in about 30-45 minutes. Maybe meet at Walmart??? I have to head there either way. 


  4. Now if custom ARs are the topic that's a whole other thing. I think custom can actually be cheaper and shoot better in this case if you know what you are doing!
  5. Custom anything is nice. But not necessary to kill or be a good hunter or shot for that matter, if that's the argument. I'd say I'm more semi custom myself as I always want a good trigger in any gun minimum, that I shoot. And not many have good factory triggers, some being the exception.
  6. So whats custom? I guess anything altered from original factory?? Serious question, no sarcasm. Or would you consider custom built from the ground up? I'd say closer to the last part of my statement.
  7. Yes I have had a few that shot great. Tikka T3 Lite for me. Was like $400 or 450 at the time. Shot just like the pics. I've seen some cheaper end guns shoot really well out around the 500 yard mark. Not sure how they'd do after that but the gun wasn't bought for hunting past that really either or even at that range. And I thought this thread was about cheap rifles not custom?? I don't get the lets compare a $4000 item to a $400 item. The $4000 should shoot better. If it doesn't, you got screwed or you got a gonga deal on the cheaper item.
  8. BeardownAZ

    Looking for a female Golden retriever puppy

    We are actually picking one up from Roswell, NM this weekend. Maximus- So was the bad litter of pups was from a craigslist seller not Chiricahua in Willcox correct?
  9. BeardownAZ

    Randy Lee Knifes

    Those are some really nice knifes. Just a wee bit out of my price range
  10. BeardownAZ

    Good guy shoots bad guy - Oklahoma

    How it is supposed to be. No trial, no liberal defense to blame everything else but the shooter. Just one less homicidal loon in the world to worry about. Hope the ones injured end up ok.
  11. BeardownAZ

    Wild Horses???

    Manage feral horse like feral hogs. Shoot em till there gone.
  12. BeardownAZ

    Apache-Sitgreaves Forest Closures Imminent

    Well, I knew I should of went camping back in April before kids baseball/softball started, guess Ill be going after the monsoons start. If they close Apache Sitgreaves the rest will follow suit I would imagine. Not to much difference in rain really anywhere right now in the state.
  13. BeardownAZ

    Lets talk battery operated led lanterns

    Bought some of the Dorcy 1000 lumen ones from Big 5 and they are pretty bright and seem to last along time. Not sure how sturdy they are over the long haul will be but they work good as of now. Im getting to the point were I try and drag the least amount of stuff out for camping and such. No small propane tanks is one if I can help it.
  14. BeardownAZ

    Which Knife Sharpener?

    Bought the Harbor Freight 1x30 belt sander. Bought some sharpening belts and leather strop for it. Been messing with it on and off. It definitely gets the knives hair popping sharp but there is a bit of practice to it and more of a learning curve to it then the Work Sharp. With some more time and different belts I think the knives could get even sharper then what Ive gotten them. Not that they are really needed any more sharp. Of course you could spend $900 or more on a Wicked Edge too .
  15. BeardownAZ

    How bout them Devils!

    They totally blew a very winnable game.