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    God, Huntin and fishin!
  1. CraigK

    WTB Zeiss 15x56 Conquest HD binoculars

    My brother bought a pair from Sean at sport optics.... I think hes a sponsor here. He got a smoking deal on them.
  2. CraigK

    7mm Berger 195 Eol

    Assuming 7mm mag? You can email Berger and they will give you load data for min and max loads. As far as bullet length, they will be long. I dont know the max specs for a hells canyon rifle, but previous brownings Ive loaded for have not had generous mag lengths. Im sure lance will see this and respond to help you out a little better.
  3. CraigK

    Three Points Shooting?

    Im curious about this as well, never have been down there, but hope to go one of these days.
  4. CraigK

    Leica 2000B Rangefinder $399

  5. CraigK

    Leica 2000B Rangefinder $399

    Wow, anyone have first hand experience with this range finder? I need one and was looking into the sig kilo, but this seems like a good deal!
  6. I read em too! Jus dont have enough money for all my wants!!! My brothers looking for a scope. Im going to have him contact you, hopefully today.
  7. CraigK

    PSA-Kinetic Bullet Pullers

    Whoa!!! Glad your ok! Thats scary, I use that type of puller and now will have this story in the back of my mind every time I pick it up!
  8. CraigK

    Monday Check in

    Looks good! Strong work.
  9. CraigK

    Kaibab - early vs. late hunt?

    Thanks bonecollector777!
  10. CraigK

    Kaibab - early vs. late hunt?

    Anyone know what the draw odds are for 3a3c with 9 points?
  11. Holy wall of coues!
  12. That stock is awesome! Cant wait to see the final product, looks like its not too far into the future?
  13. CraigK

    Meopta 15x56 Binoculars

    I was debating the same binos a while back. I ended up going with the swaros, but almost regret it. I love them, but could have done with some extra cash for rifle projects.
  14. Man those barrels look good!