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  1. bigorange

    First Bull hunt!

    Good luck to him...hope he gets a big one. First bull hunt...that’s great he finally got a tag.
  2. bigorange

    Looking for Thompson contender pistol

    my buddy is selling this one. I’ll text you his contact info.
  3. Cool buck. Congrats!
  4. bigorange

    Spring leftovers list is up

    Wonder what would happen if you send in another one that arrives on time...
  5. bigorange

    FFP VS 2ND FP, POI change

    I guess I missed that question completely. LoL i’ve never heard that before and wouldn’t make logical sense to me. Single point (ie crosshairs dead center) shouldn’t change relative to the image size.
  6. bigorange

    FFP VS 2ND FP, POI change

    I think it’s a serious question, though maybe not worded well. And good luck triggering Kev. LoL check out this video...explains the difference and may answer your question. http://www.vortexoptics.com/video/first_vs_second_focal_plane i think you’re asking on a 2nd focal plane how much difference there will be if you’re using BDC type reticle at less than max magnification. I’ve never seen specific data on this, but could easily shoot a little and find out for your rifle. I guess it could be off (high I think...but only one cup of coffee on-board) by as much as 4x the drop between each reticle subtension if you were shooting at 4x instead of 16x for example. On youth hunt last year, my buddy’s daughter missed a buck at about 250 yds and didn’t even see where she hit. After the shot he realized he had turned down the zoom to help her find the buck in the scope, then didn’t turn it back up before the shot using one of the BDC subtensions. Lots of other factors and that wasn’t her only miss on that hunt, but if that’s any indication the POI was different enough to completely miss. Maybe I’m crazy too, but I think this is what Kev is asking and the question makes sense to me.
  7. bigorange

    My first coues buck!

    Awesome buck...congrats! I like that last pic too.
  8. bigorange

    Quick morning hunt

  9. Thanks yeah I found the Google Earth info which makes sense...easy to save the markers to PC then import them. That's a handy converter too. Guess I either need to start using Basecamp with my GPS or keep manually entering them if I want to use the same markers in OnX.
  10. Is there a way besides Basecamp to export Garmin GPS waypoints to OnX? (I haven't used Basecamp with my Garmin in years and don't really want to mess with it at this point to export waypoints) Or from Google Earth?
  11. bigorange

    Monday Check in

    This is how I feel lately...been off the wagon and time to get back to work. Monday check-in for some accountability.
  12. I’ll keep the rifle...you can keep the flat brim.
  13. bigorange


    Glad to see this. Looking forward to hitting the hills with you again soon...
  14. bigorange

    Elton Bingham's Rifle

    Nice story. Thanks for sharing. Have a couple of heirlooms in my safe that I wish I knew more of the backstory.
  15. bigorange

    First Kaibab Hunt Report

    Sounds like a great hunt. Your story brings back memories of my Kaibab hunt a few years ago which was my first mule deer. Huge congrats to both of you on your first deer!