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  1. Chris

    People and game cameras.

    Pretty low move for sure. Probably a guide? I own several cams, but I know when season is, so I make an effort not to piss people off!
  2. Chris

    Hunting with Suppressors

    6 month wait, will fly by!
  3. Chris

    Archery Hunting the Kaibab August

    If your going to Kiabab, and don't know where to go, it's going to be a tough hunt. I say, find water and sit in treestand in the PM. Be there at 3:00
  4. He had several tags donated? Okay, tell me more. I'm in.
  5. Fit? No idea. How would I figure that out?
  6. Thinking might be great entry for wife and I to shoot clays?
  7. Chris

    Elk drawing

    I believe he said Charcoal.
  8. Chris

    Elk drawing

    How cool is this. Found this guy on Facebook. Dustin Dattilio I love the wall look....
  9. Chris

    Zeiss 15x60B Classics

    pics please.
  10. Chris

    Lion attack on my trail cam?

    Just how far will a lion drag a kill?
  11. Chris


    I hope your sure that you want the dual mount. I hated it. Big time.
  12. Chris

    4A Early Archery Help

    Tough hunt. Lots of hunters. Even fewer bulls.
  13. Chris

    Kaibab Archery

    Hardly mountains in Az when compared to Montana. This will be easy hunting for you.
  14. Chris

    Kimber 84L .270 BNIB

    In Az?
  15. Chris

    Does everyone have their popcorn ready??

    Only one guy can give up those rights! Good luck with that one!