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  1. dse

    Opinions on Husqvarna Rancher 450

    Imo Stihl is the best! If I can't have a Stihl Husqvarna would be my next choice. I've had a couple of 455 ranchers and a 395 xp along with several Stihl's. The Stihl's are usually easier to start and seem to be a little more durable. The Rancher is a good all around saw, not too heavy and still has a little power. For hobby use it will serve well.
  2. I do take a pair of 10x42 ELs as well and will use them on the tripod as well but I spend 90% of my time with my 15s. For judging 15s are usually plenty unless you need to be able to tell a 105" buck from a 110" buck at 1500 yds.
  3. Sitting in one spot and glassing all day will be alot more productive than walking lots of miles in coues country. You'd be surprised how many new deer you'll see in an area you've already been glassing for 5 hrs.
  4. Honestly I haven't seen a spotter in that price range that was worth packing along. Sell the Vortex add the $600 to that and get a pair of Ziess conquest 15x56. You'll be far better off than with a cheap spotting scope!
  5. What should you expect from a company based out of San Francisco?
  6. dse

    Where is I?

    The vulture mine?
  7. dse

    .243 Coues load

    90 gr Swift scirrocco
  8. dse

    Playing Possum?

    I've seen one in the Bradshaw's and had a guy tell me he shot one 30 some years ago around Williams.
  9. I would bet it's a bedding issue with a full length wood stock. If so I don't know what could be done other than change out the stock as I believe the barrel and stock are banded together at the muzzle.
  10. dse

    7w- First scout

    Antelope crawl under
  11. I believe I can be ordered from Quality Cartridge but also think they wait for several back orders to build up then make a run.
  12. My point exactly. If I was building a race car that could run a 9 sec quarter mile, and do it "consistently" for 10 grand. why would I pay 100,000 grand to build a custom car that did a 9 sec quarter mile consistently. I get the Coach purse mentality.... but why???? have yet to hear a good reason... the work truck compared to the new ford work truck? nope. "because I want to...…" nope, does not change my mind at all. I have 4 different rifles (6.5 cm, 270 wsm, 300 wsm, and 300 win) that I have had for years that shoot 1/2 moa at 100-1000, and have for many years... not once but ever time I shoot them IF I DO MY JOB.. No, I don't want to bet you and no I don't want to go to competitions…. I am just saying, other than impressing someone who doesn't care what you paid.... why? And yet your camo is top of the line out of control expensive!! But there you are wearing them! Why??? I thought you weren't there to impress people how much money you spent when you can buy something for lot cheaper and do the job!!! ------hmmmm------oh wait maybe you like the design, the feel, the light weight, a hand down, a gift etc etc etc. Or maybe--------you just wanted it. Why do you say why??? People just like to have it because they can!! There is your answer its been said in all 5 pages so far! If you can't come to grips that they want it and you don't, there is no explaining this any further. Camo is not actually for the hunting itself, but to piss all the poor sob's at the convenience store opening morning that are headed to work!
  13. That would also depend on what you intend to do with the rifle. If you do not glass and just walk around the hills like I used to before I could afford decent glass, a + 2 moa rifle will do the job nicely. Most factory rifles are not usually accurate enough to hit prarie dogs beyond 500 or 600 yds.
  14. I had heard of others having the same issue and thought it was bs. I figured it had to be the shooter. Out of over 30 rifle's this is the only one that this happens with and it's been doing it for almost 1500 rds. Hopefully this barrel is almost gone and a new Bartlein will fix it!
  15. The spin of the bullet is slowing just like the velocity once the bullet leaves the muzzle. At 200 yds and say 2700 fps the bullet may be turning 200,000 rpm's and be fully stable, but at 800 yds and say 1800 fps might only be turning 150,000 rpm's and be slightly unstable. With a factory rifle your twist may just barely stabilize the bullet you want to shoot, but you can pick the optimal twist rate for your custom rifle to match perfect to the bullet you want. Also the way all the parts of a rifle fit together affect the vibrations when it's fired. I do not fully understand this, but I know it causes weird thing to happen to accuracy. I have a old almost factory hunting rifle that will not shoot better than 3/4 moa at 100 yds, but I can shoot 1/2 moa at 800 yds all day long